All Else Fails Without Action

Today while doing my daily motivation point readings, I stumbled across the following paragraph from Josh Hinds (author and motivational speaker) and it motivated this whole blog. 

"To achieve more, be a person of action. Throughout your day keep in mind the old saying, 'all else fails without action'. As you put forth effort on the things you deem to be most worthwhile, you will find that your inner belief system grows. The beliefs you hold about yourself determine the goals you are able to manifest in your life. Dream big, for when you do, truly you will see that your life becomes one filled with rich life experiences. It’s your life, LIVE BIG!" Josh Hinds

This jumped out at me because it's a conflict I have been having with myself and others around me recently.  I often hear people saying things they want to do to better themselves, but I don't always see the action.  This paragraph says it the best when it says, "all else fails without action."  People can have the best intentions but may not always follow through with those. 

I have recently noticed myself falling into this category. This blog is a perfect example, I often think, "I really want to start blogging, it's great for personal growth, social media, & maintaining/improving writing skills."  So there you have it, I am putting my thoughts into actions. 

I hope to continue to 'put my thoughts into action' with all other aspects of my life, and plan to use this blog to not only keep everyone following posted, but also keep myself accountable.  I hope this also helps motivate others to do the same.  You can have plenty of goals in mind but without action it is impossible to accomplish them. 

So here it is my first of many blog postings, and with this I hope to continue the trend of peple living by the old moto, ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS!