Never let anyone bring you down...

You can tell more about a person by what he says about others than you can by what others say about him.  ~Leo Aikman

What has happened to our society?  Why is it despite all the absolutely crazy things going on, people still think it to be okay to bring other people down?   

It doesn't matter what age you are, words still hurt, and people still use them negatively even as adults.  Some people see the "trash talking" limited to when you are in high school, which is a huge problem, but it doesn't stop there. Bullying now has carried over into cyber-bullying as well as face to face bullying.  Social networks were not set up for people to bring people down via statuses or posts.  They are meant to help people keep connected with loved ones.  However, people are now using things like facebook or twitter as a way to talk negatively about others.

I can't believe how much people have lost focus on what life is about.  Life is about building & maintaining relationships, which includes building people up---not putting them down!  Just because people aren't like you---maybe not as smart, as pretty, as wealthy, aren't into the same things you are--doesn't mean you have any right to judge them or put them down.  Who are you to think you are any better?   There are so many more productive things you can do other than trying to bring others down.  If everyone would focus on that & trying to build people up the world would be a better place.  There would be less hate crimes, less crime in general, & more importantly less suicide.

To those of you who continue to speak negatively about others, I encourage you to think before you talk.  Think about how that person may feel if they knew what you were writing or saying, and how you would feel if it was reversed. 

To those who have someone speaking negatively about them, as the campaign says it gets better.  Do not focus on the negativity that these people bring you.  Focus on all the positive good people you have in your life, and cut out the rest.  Avoid them, delete them as friends on facebook, don't respond to their negative comments.  Rise above it & be grateful for the positive you do have.  

With the recent negativity that has surrounded me, it has reminded me how lucky & grateful I am to have the supportive people I have in my life.  It also, helps inspire me to continue to grow, and leave the childishness behind.  Hopefully the message can get out to everyone that has people trying to get them down, that it's important to rise against it, and not be defeated.