Exciting news! A couple of things including a surprise dream honeymoon!!!!

Hi all! :)  Some really exciting updates I wanted to share with everyone. :)

The first thing is, I just got an email from Erica stating that she sent out a mass message to some people about chipping in towards a "dream honeymoon" & that she booked Steve & I tickets to a 6 day trip to Our Dream Honeymoon in Belize!!  I almost cried when I read her email at work, and the proceeded to jump up & down & call Steve to tell him the news.  March 29-April 4th Steve & I will be doing some SERIOUS relaxing on our own little Island.  Check out the place, it looks amazing, and I will be sure to document it well & will blog about it when we return! I know I've it 10000 times that we are so blessed to have some really incredible people in our lives, but seriously doesn't this just prove it!  I mean hello!!!!! I am so thankful I'm almost speechless (will never actually happen;). From the bottom of our hearts thank you!  Thanks everyone who was involved in this amazing surprise!! For now that's all I am able to say mainly cause I'm so excited & still shocked that I am literally at a loss for words!!

Not to long after that trip, Steve & I will 90% be headed to PA to visit some family also, so YAY! :)

Another thing, Rita (Lasche Creations) was so sweet to submit our story to Occasions Online Magazine.  This morning I got an email that they had our article done.  Want to read, click me :) I'm so grateful for everyone helping share our story, which spreads awareness for ALS. 

So let's talk about Say Yes to the Dress.  I am about 80% sure that our episode will show 2-24-2012.  They said things are subject to change of course, but that's the date they said "tentatively" we will be on. :)

That's all for now, but that was a lot of excitement for one blog ;)  LOTS of LOVE! <3