I wanted to write a quick blog sharing an uplifting story.  I've said this several times, that with Steve if he's in a positive mood then he does better physically.  Steve & I (finally) went to get our tattoos, this is something we've talked about a few times & it meant a lot for us to do them.  The experience was an amazing one, and it's inspired this blog :)

In life you should always be thankful for experiences, whatever they may be.  Experiences happen to teach us a lesson, help us through something, bring enjoyment, etc.  Experiences shouldn't be looked over, they should be celebrated & remembered. :)

So about the tattoos & experience:

Steve & I had a conversation at the beach about how we both have heard the saying, "If you see a feather it means someone who has left you is there with you."  So Steve has said several times to me, "When I leave look for feathers, and it will be me here with you."  <3 So naturally we decided to get feathers.   The experience itself was an incredible one!  Other than meeting an amazing person Mikey Webb at memorial tattoo, Steve realized that he has more strength in him than he gave himself credit.  While I made faces & would grimace here & there, Steve didn't flinch!  He even got nicknamed woodpecker lips.  Not only was it a great bonding experience for Steve & I, a way for us to share our love, it also restored some faith back into Steve, to help him realize he is strong.  I know we all tell him everyday but now he has a permanent reminder he can look at everyday to remember the experience. :)

ALSO!  My brother & sister in law have been trying to add a place for us to accept donations on our facebook page, as SEVERAL of you have asked for a way to donate.  First of all let me thank you for your desire to help it is appreciated more than I could probably ever put in words.  Second of all, we are working on it and have hit some road blocks along the way.  If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to pass them along.

I also wanted to let you know Steve & I appreciate every single bit of feedback we have received.  I've been overwhelmed with the response, so if I don't respond to you right away please know I got your message and appreciate it so much! All the information, support, prayers, & love mean the world to us! <3 Thank you!

If you have facebook make sure you like the HOPEforSteve page, we put updates there also on how Steve is & will keep y'all posted on when we get the donations button running properly!

God bless & lots of love until next time!! <3

Steve & I's tattoos: