Care Calendar

Hey all.  So Steve had another fall trying to answer the door for a delivery driver and that has triggered me to want to set up a calendar.  I know a lot of people are willing to come visit him during the week while I'm at work, and this calendar will help us keep track of which days he doesn't have someone, so we can make sure he is taken care of that day.  I am just trying this calendar system out, as we use it if there are other suggestions yall may have I am open to them.  Below is the link to the calendar...I am not going to publicly post the login information so IF you are interested contact me: or call or facebook me & I will give you how you login.  .

Also, I know some people have been hesitant to reach out, trust me it is not overwhelming or annoying us, we appreciate everyone reaching out, so do not hesitate :)

I am also working on a caring bridge webpage for Steve here's the link although I haven't done much yet.

K short blog I know--been busy :)  Will update more soon!  Lots of Love <3