Update with Love

I have to admit, I am still overwhelmed by the response Steve & I get with people following us & reaching out to show love!  It's amazing & motivates Steve & I to remain positive.  I know I've slowed down on the blogging (adjusting to a new job--where it requires a ton more paperwork) but I wanted to write a quick update.

First of all for everyone who has participated in the past fundraisers---thank you for blessing us with your monetary gifts!  As most of you know Steve has yet to receive any disability as he was on a 6 month waiting period (still can't figure out why, and have exhausted all resources to try to fight it), but I also am in the transition of beginning a new job & trying to establish a strong client base to have a good cash flow coming in.  The energy that y'all have spent & donations mean so much! Thank you thank you!

Steve & I still receive emails/messages daily & for those thank you!  Life sometimes has a way of beating you up making you feel like you aren't doing enough & your daily reminders & uplifting words are so appreciated & keep me going!  <3

So Steve & I recently took a camping trip to Live Oak Florida for the Wanee Music Festival! Steve has mentioned wanting to go to a festival and after research (Thank you DANNY) this one was the most "wheelchair" friendly.  It was an amazing experience.  We met some of the coolest hippies around.  These people have such an amazing mentality that Steve & I quickly learned to love & begin to adapt in our life.  The more & more I write about this the more it is beaten into my head--Less IS More--Also, they take responsibility for keeping the Earth clean & beautiful.  It was an amazing thing to see such a clean festival & everyone contribute to cleaning up after themselves.  Everyone recycling & taking the extra effort to maintain the beauty that is left on Earth.  It really inspired me to make sure I'm truly doing my part.  It's easy to take the extra effort & I'm appreciative of the reminder of the importance!!  Also, I must pat myself on the back for completely pulling everything together from packing up the car, setting up camp, grilling out, etc... I haven't been completely citified after all! ;) 

 OK well my quick break from seeing Clients is over---figured if I didn't squeeze this in now, I would get consumed with paperwork & hanging out with Steve this evening that I wouldn't blog.

Quick side note---special thanks again for all those that constantly check on Steve during the week.  Like I've said some days are worse than others but the constant support from all those who love him while I'm working helps a lot!  I hate leaving him home alone during the day so not only does it help keep him company when y'all visit for lunch---but also eases my mind!  Much love as always!! <3