Deep thoughts from Hope

Just wanted to write a quick update on the job situation & some thoughts I was having. :)
I am in the middle of working on 192839 things so this will be a short deep thoughts from Hope today :)
I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason--and things keep reminding me of this.  I know I mentioned I was having second thoughts about staying with my current job because of some of the rough clients...however, after actually getting a job offer to a full time 8-5, benefits, good pay; I had a panic attack, and had to do some deep thought about the value of my life.  My husband is my #1 priority and I took this job because it offers me the flexibility that is needed in order to be able to be home with Steve more & if an emergency happens I can come home to him right away.  All the money in the world couldn't make me give that up right now.  I can't see going to an 8-5 with no upfront vacation or sick days and not be able to take days off when Steve needs me.  Also, with this job all my paperwork can be done at home---I can't give that up.  It's a sacrifice, but money is not the #1 importance in my life.  I know we need it, and I know we will have to make sacrifices, but I love my husband and he needs me.  After thinking of all this & realizing I was going to suck it up & make the job work & do it with the best of my ability I thought of "what am I to be learning in this job?"  Thanks for your prayers & continue to do so for me to remain safe :)

With that comes deep thoughts from Hope. :)

I have been through a lot in my lifetime, and I often think that God has put me on this earth to help people.  He has put me through things to help me learn lessons, learn how truly strong I am, & to be able to help others who may be going through something similar in the future. I truly try to live my life to help make a difference in the world.  I have my completely selfish boo hoo moments, but I try to be grateful for what I have everyday.  I truly try to live my life with Joy & not get bogged down with negativity.  Sometimes this causes me to have to make decisions that may not make sense to everyone else but as long as I truly feel at peace with my decisions, that is all that matters. 

I have been thinking about what lessons I am to be learning with this current job, and it's this---to keep me humble!  In all honesty, the majority of my clients (there are always those few extra challenging exceptions...haha) bring a lot to my life.  They teach me something daily.  There are so many people out there hurting that desperately want help & I think it is our responsibilities to help those the best we can.  Every time I have a good session with one of my clients it makes the loads of paperwork, underpaid hours, and sometimes really difficult clients worth it.  Also, the majority of my clients have a lot of HEAVY things happening in their lives yet they always seem to great me with a smile & always saying, "Can I get you anything Miss Hope? Glass of water, coffee, soda?"  Here are these people who have nothing & they are offering me coffee or soda & greeting me always with a smile. 

We all go through hard times but if they can greet me with a smile & politeness, why can't I?  SO there you have it deep thoughts from Hope.

ALSO---some additional updates:
---Bracelets. We've ordered HOPEforSteve bracelets that we will give with a $10 donation.  We wish we could give them away to everyone, but the cost of buying & shipping always gets in the way.

---The donation tab is back up & running---woot :)  Thanks to my brother Zac for getting it started & my sister Jes for taking the time to sort out the problems we were having! has been updated with lots of new things. Take a look around & please share it.  My sister Jes has spent a lot of time with this website & is constantly updating it. 
--Thanks for all the prayers for Steve, we ended up canceling a weekend getaway for him to continue to rebuild strength.  He is feeling much better & is eating like a horse again ;)

As always lots of love & thanks to all who support us <3