Harsh truth.

Would you wipe your husbands butt?  Or let him throw up in your hand?  Stick your finger in his mouth to pull out flem? or blow his nose for him?  I'm sure most of you if the situation presented would do it, because if you love someone you do anything you can for them.  Ever wonder what happens when someone with ALS gets sick?  They already can't take care of themselves & then they are faced with sickness.  Imagine feeling like you have to throw up and knowing you can't get yourself to the bathroom.  Imagine you are going to the bathroom & you can't wipe yourself.  Imagine that when you do throw up you have the extra worry of choking on your vomit or losing too much weight.  This is the harsh reality that ALS patients have to deal with, and after seeing my husband go through such a rough night it puts everything into reality.  It's not fair that people should be facing this harsh disease with no cure or treatment.  This is why awareness is so important.  Don't hear me complaining, because I love my husband and will do anything for him, but hear me pleading.  The previous blog I gave a list of things you can do to help, please do them! There is hope for ALS, there is hope.  There are many studies that show they are close to a treatment---but we are running out of time.   If enough people show interest they can't ignore us---Something needs to be done---& something needs to be done NOW. 

Please be praying for Steve to be able to feel better at least enough to eat today.  He's surprisingly in good spirits, but I think that's because I'm home with him.  It's nice to be able to be home & take care of him when he needs it & I'm extremely grateful my job understands.  He won't be needing any visitors for a few days other than family since he's sick.  I will let y'all know when he's feeling better & up for company. 

Thanks again for the prayers and support and love.  <3