Hope for Steve

Few quick updates. :)

1. A dear friend Jen made a HOPE for Steve logo that's been added to the HOPEforSteve facebook page & will be seen all around soon :)  So thank you Jen for sharing your talents with us!  We are blessed to have you & Danny!

2. My sister Jessica built us a website. She put in so much effort & is continuously updating it.  If you have any feedback please feel free to share as it is a work in progress.  I am so appreciative of my sisters efforts & it looks great so far!! This will help it be easy to link all of our updates in one place to make sure we are reaching everyone that cares! Also, we hope to spread awareness of how much attention ALS really needs to be receiving!   Check it out:  HopeforSteve

3. Steve is still home most days alone (thanks again to everyone who has been visiting) & he really enjoys company.  Even if you don't want to bring lunch a drop in visit helps keep his spirits up.  I stress ALL day while I am away if he is alone.  It's very difficult for him to be able to do much without help so knowing someone is checking in on him---brings me peace & helps him stay positive. 

4. Steve recently got an electric scooter wheel chair.  It.is.awesome.  We are very grateful for this & we are currently researching trailers to attach to our Escape to be able to assure Steve can get around still.  Any suggestions would be appreciated. :)

5. Have you seen Steve lately?  He's sporting a super awesome bushy beard :)  Which I LOVE!
6. In April I took a job change, to a job that was community mental health that allowed me a great deal of flexibility.  Fortunately it has allowed me some more time at home unfortunately it is not a good fit for me.  Although I love helping the under served population at this time, it puts me into a few too many unsafe situations.  I am currently seeking new employment.  Prayers would be appreciated to find something that pays well, allows for some flexibility, & is safe! 

OK---I'm super behind on some reports so I need to keep this short, but wanted to write a quick update.

Here are a few miscellaneous links I wanted to share.
Join our HOPEforSteve team for the ALS 2012 Atlanta Walk in October. Lots of time to fundraise & spread the word
A remind of the happiest day of our lives :)