How you can help

The out poor for help has been amazing & I am so grateful for those of you that are supporting us & there for us!  Y'all keep us going & we are so lucky!! I've gotten a lot of people questioning what they could do to help, so Steve & I wanted to write this blog. 
1. Pray for us, send warm wishes, send positive vibes, etc. These are so important for our moods to stay uplifted---thank you!
2. Awareness. You can do this so many ways.  We just ordered HopeforSteve bracelets for this reason, for everyone to wear them( *plan to give them with $5 dollar suggested donation, however would accept whatever anyone could give) & hope people ask you about it.  You can share statistics & ways to help on facebook, twitter, Googleplus, etc.  Talk about it, write about, sing about it, paint about it---do anything just spread awareness. 
3. Visit this link to see a 31 easy things you can do to help. 
4. Visit Steve, I know that most people's schedules are hectic so whatever time a day you could come visit Steve would be great.  None of us that aren't in his situation can understand what it's like to be in his body & not being able to do things on his own.  It's nice for people to stop by as it's not easy for him to get out & about.  It keeps him uplifted & helps keep him positive.  I don't think I could say that enough. :)
5. Visit , share it, blog about it, tweet it, talk about it!
6. Write a letter to the legislative priorities. Make them aware that we are paying attention to the problem & that it's time they step up & do their part!
7. Donate---whether or not it's to us or ALS association.  Here's reasons why we need donations & why ALS association needs it.  Steve has YET to receive a disability check, he has had no income coming in for 6 months, we've gone through all of our savings paying for not only everyday life costs but the added costs (medications, special diet, vitamins, supplements, special amenities, etc), but also Steve is missing out on several things he could be benefiting from (physical therapy, massages, clinic, specialized yoga/workout/swim exercise classes).  The ALS association needs donations to continue their research.  We are an incredibly advanced society so there is no reason they can't find a cure.  However, like everything all this research is expensive.  The ALS association also tries to offer help to those in the community that's been diagnosed with ALS, but with low funding that help isn't always available. 
8. I think until enough people complain & make it known that ALS needs attention thousands of people will die before it's there time.
9. To those that have been cooking & bringing food we are so appreciative---good news Steve actually gained 5 pounds so it's working! :)) We are however making a few changes to Steve's diet---we are trying to chill out on fast food/unhealthy food.  We still want Steve to eat plenty of calories---but we want him doing so in healthy ways so that he can continue to provide his body the necessary nutrients to try to rebuild itself.  With that said Steve will def. still need help with lunch but instead of having to buy him something--I'll have lunch here just needed to be heated up & given to Steve.  However, Milkshakes will always always be welcome. :)  He will continue to drink the super fattening, yummy, high calorie, just not good for you shakes each day but the meals are going to be a lot more focused on high calorie & high health benefits.  Fast food is the easy way out---Steve can't do easy way out anymore.  He needs to be eating for a purpose & that purpose is to give his body as much nutrients as possible.
10. Live your lives & follow your dreams---focus on positive & make positive changes.  Steve & I are touched each time we hear someone tell us how we have touched their lives (how we have touched their hearts, changed their way of thinking, made them focus on living life, etc.) Please continue to be motivated & inspired---and pass on the inspiration to others & continue the movement.  And continue to bless us with your stories & experiences, please!