Feed Steve :D

Feed Steve:

#1. Everyone has kinda gotten away from using the care calender---but I am going to beg & plea we start this again!! It was the best way to assure Steve has someone to bring him lunch---I have several people I use as "on call" but I hate for Steve to be at home wondering when he is going to eat & who it will be.  If everyone could please get back onto signing up on care calender whenever you wanted to come see Steve that would be a huge help to eliminate days whenever he doesn't have anyone.  Steve counts on people to be able to eat throughout the day & I know it helps both of us to know who is coming & when. Another reason is, is honestly I am unable to fully keep up with who is coming each day without this helpful tool....my mind has 199384 things on it on a day to day basis so please help me add a little more sanity.  If you are interested in visiting email me & I will forward you the instructions (thanks ERICA) to how to sign up.  They are simple & easy & if you are going to do several days that you know sign up for them in advance.  HUGE thanks for everyone visiting & helping with this. 
#2. Steve can no longer feed himself---he can do some things on his own but he will need help.  He of course is prideful & hates that he has to ask for help, so I will go ahead an eliminate all of that, if you are bringing him food odds are he needs you to help feed him. :)  He is doing a great job with eating still, and if we can continue to assist him in this I know he will continue doing a great job eating. 

****IMPORTANT***** As mentioned above I have step by step directions to use the care calendar please email me hope.ann.cross@gmail.com & I will mail you the directions.  Thanks. 
I have been saying for a while that I would provide a list of acceptable/preferred foods for Steve.  So long awaited---
  • Carne saga beef tacos from twisted taco w/ rice
  • Steak tacos from chipolte or moes with lettuce, salsa, & corn.
  • Milkshakes always allowed---he prefers chocolate
  • Cokes/Other sodas are allowed---but if you are bringing him a coke it would be great to include a water as he may enjoy cokes more but NEEDS water---he sometimes has a hard time with water so if you wanted to get a carbonates or flavored water he has less difficulty swallowing (preferred: fizz water (all flavors) & all vitamin water)
  • Beer is allowed (preferred: Sierra Nevada, Sweetwater)
  • Anything from the hot bar at whole foods or fresh market---know it's a little pricey and not conveniently located but it's super healthy & they have lots of high calorie foods
  • Steve loves all meats---but don't want low quality meats---NO more waffle house, McDonald, taco bell, etc. (wahwah)
  • Pizza is always welcome from anywhere---he will need monitored while eating the pizza to assure he doesn't choke on the crust---thin crust is easier for him to eat but sometimes regular crust just tastes better.  If so assure he has plenty to drink & takes small bites.  He likes Peperoni & plain cheese.
  • Wings are welcome---I'm a little flexible with where from, but he likes medium with Ranch- & celery--again will probably need monitored & helped eating these.
  • Burgers are always welcome if they are from a restaurant or cooked on grill----no more fast food burgers however as we want to monitor the quality of his meat. 
  • He likes seafood---but is particular about what kind so use your judgment if it seems good quality go for it.
  • Subway & Jimmy Johns---he likes Turkey subs---another one where he will need someone to sit with his as he eats to assure he doesn't choke on the bread.  He will need frequent sips of drink in between small bites. 
  • Cookies---he LOVES chocolate chip cookies & Milk.  I try to force whole milk on him as it has more fat & calories but he prefers 2 %
  • Potatoes--baked preferably loves them (loaded)
  • Pasta---chicken pasta dishes, or seafood (LOVES clam pasta), or red sauce with meatballs or sausage. 
  • Biscuits---with sausage or bacon or eggs---loves them
  • If you feel like cooking---he will literally eat anything :) Mac N cheese, ribs, pasta salad, sausage, burgers, potatoes, asparagus, mushrooms, collard greens are some of his favorites :)
***I am sure I've left things out----so stay tuned for add ons but this is a good start so y'all have an idea of things to bring :)

Thanks again for all you do!! And stay tuned for another blog soon on more updates. Lots of love! <3