Pump...Pump pump it up :)

Hey all!  Few things I want to state:

#1. Thanks for everyone who has been extra supportive of me the past few weeks---I've been having some moments of feeling overwhelmed---thus leading to me getting behind on some things---and I've been reaching out & needing lots of help lately!  Thanks for everyone being patient with me & always there at my beck & call! :)

# 2.  I am working on making HOPEforSteve a foundation---I've wanted to do this for some time now, but God is showing me it's time to do it NOW---this is a lot of work & I want to thank everyone for their help & also invite anyone who is familiar with the process to contact me with any tips or advice you may have!

#3. Don't forget we have HOPEforSteve bracelets & also now car decals---contact me if you are interested---these are easy ways to help spread awareness & get the word out about Steve. Visit  www.hopeforsteve.com if interested!  Also, continue to share your photos wearing the bracelets---I have a plan to use all these photos & need few more before I can complete the plan ;) 

#4. Some amazing donation of items have occurred & I need to give a special thanks to a dear woman Lisa, who works with ALS Guardian Angels for thinking of Steve & I and donating some great equipment: We've received a dinobox (speak easy machine for steve) as well as a lift to get Steve in & out of bed (SUPER excited about this) & some few other things in the works.  This is an amazing organization that goes above & beyond for ALS patients in getting them things they need to make life easier---I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for this amazing organization. 

#5. We've gotten Steve started with a bi pap to sleep with, as well as started using the cough assist machine & suction to help relieve some Flem.  These are amazing tools that were all donated to us & we are very grateful for not only the donations but finally having them working for Steve.  We have noticed a huge difference since Steve has been using these & it is the extra motivation Steve needed!

#6. Few things we have HOPEFULLY in the works that I want to ask prayer for---I can't give too many details about them just yet, but these things would help make things AMAZING for Steve & God willing they work out---could be the miracle we need.  Please be in prayer for these & I will update y'all as soon as I can. 

#7. Also, congratulations are in order for Steve's sister Rachelle for welcoming new baby Reese into the family---She is beautiful & Reagan is a great big sister---photo is blurry but still cute, hard with little ones to always get great photos but more will follow in the future:)

Well time to get back to tons of work just wanted to take the time to write few updates---will keep everyone updated on the hopeful things in the works as well as any other updates that come along.  Thanks for continuing to follow our journey & please continue the movement of love & hope.  Remember we are trying to spread the news of living your life to the fullest, loving those that are in your life, & being hopeful everyday.  We love you all & thank you for the continued support.