Earth Day

Today is Earth Day & I wanted to write a blog on why Steve & I find that important. :)

Steve & I do all we can to help the environment; which isn't easy with all the medical supplies we have, as some are not able to be recycled.  Because of this we are very conscientious to make sure we recycle what we are allowed to.  We do other efforts as well that include eating locally/supporting organic sustainable farming/take reusable grocery bags/using only what we need/etc.

So why is Earth day important?

Well the Earth deserves a day because hello without the earth there is no us (think people sometimes forget that), but much like valentines day isn't the only day you should show love, one day of paying attention to the Earth is not enough either, but it's a great day to get people to start paying attention.

What can I do to help the Earth?

Lots! :) Contrary to popular belief, you CAN make a difference. I know people often say, "My few plastic bottles & cans don't make a difference." Well, did you know just one can saves enough energy to run a TV for 2 hours?  If one can does that imagine if you recycled every can.  Recycling one plastic bottle can give a lightbulb power for 6 hours. That's some knowledge that makes you realize every effort does make a difference.

So how you can help:
  • Recycle (thankfully it's become easier to recycle this day & age---if you don't have a company that comes to your house you can drop it off at several places click here to find a place.
  • Reduce your use (this includes only buying foods you will eat/turn lights off when not using them/turn water off while brushing teeth)
  • Use a reusable grocery bag (Did you know it takes 400 years for some plastic items to decompose)
  • STOP buying plastic water bottles---use a britta, fill up a to go cup of water
  • In general plastic sucks.  It's clogging our oceans and killing our wildlife & it's overused in the US.  If you can buy something that is a plastic alternative (paper cartons of milk, paper or glass straws, reusable bags, paper products, etc) 
  • Plant a tree---yes---the world needs more trees everywhere!
  • Eat locally (farmers markets, shop the local section at grocery store, etc) It uses energy to ship your food from somewhere else.
  • Eat organic.  The pesticides that some non organic farms are using are causing so many problems beyond what happens when you consume them.  It gets in the air, it gets in the oceans.  There IS a link between lots of diseases (including ALS) with exposure to pesticides.  
  • Now I am the first to admit if the bug is in my house, I tend to kill it rather than pick it up and place it outside (wish I could do that but shutter, just can't) however, if the bug is outside let it live,  it's serving a purpose out there. 
  • Don't litter.  Sounds common sense right---well if so then the roads, oceans, forests, etc wouldn't be so covered with litter.
  • If you see litter & can safely---throw it away!  

Those are just a few ways to help.
The world is a beautiful place and it's our only home.  It's up to us to take care of it.   

I know this isn't the normal update blog, but wanted to write about something important to us.  Side note: Steve is doing pretty well still fighting off some infections but is doing pretty well at it, he's gaining healthy weight, and is noticing more energy.  

We love y'all just as much as we love the Earth!