So that happened. :)

Steve & I have been having a lot of, "So that happened..." moments & I wanted to share them with y'all.  

May was a busy month that started out with a fun photo shoot with the free people bloggers.  For those who know me, know I love clothes.  Seems half the time I get the strict, "Please do not spend this gift on bills, buy something fun," order I tend to get a free people item.  But most of my clothes were actually Steve using his "fun" money buying me a gift.  (Yes he is amazing. :)) Well,  I am a fan of all free people not just their clothes.  Their blog gives lots of natural beauty tips, inspirations, & lots of encouragement for women to follow their dreams.  They teach women to find their freedom & what makes them happy.  My friend Kylie and I used to always pretend we were shooting for free people at our photo shoots---we would find loads of inspiration from every catalog and blog.  So shooting with them was an amazing experience. Not just because I'm a fashion junky who loves their clothes but also because it was a day to just me, doing what I love.  I don't get many of those these days---was hard to fully set my worry about Steve away but I did enjoy the day & the chance to meet so many great girls.  Check the blog here.  (Disclaimer: I'm sure this goes without saying I love taking care of Steve also :)) 

Aside from our normal busy visits we have weekly, May also included planning the premiere for our documentary, a lot of publicity/news/papers/interviews, & Dave Matthews.  

So after missing the chance to meet Dave Matthews last summer due to Steve being hospitalized we had our chance to go again May 25th as Dave came to Lakewood.  We had things planned when Steve suddenly got sick 2 days before.  After asking everyone on Facebook to pray & send good vibes Steve mustered the energy to go! (It works).  It was not only great to get out to a show, but it was an amazing show.  Steve, myself, Danny, & Jen drove down & met the crew & Stephanie out and enjoyed lots of dancing and laughs.  After the show, the 4 of us went backstage.  It was a surreal moment when Dave came out & he said to us, "I'm saving you all for last so I have a little more time," as he worked his way through the group of people waiting to meet him.  Carrying on conversations, each one being cut short to move to the next.  The first thing he said to Steve was, "I'm so humbled you made it out to see me & feel so honored seeing you!"  He then proceeded to tell us he was in awe of our spirits and love & that he was following us closely, thank you Jim! :)  It was a moment Steve & I will never forget & the genuine care & love that we received from Dave in those 8 minutes still seems like a dream.  Steve couldn't stop smiling to the whole night.  :)  Thanks to Dave's with hand man, Jim for helping make this night so perfect! :) 

We did several huge news interviews leading up to the premiere also.  We hope with each of these stories we reach more people to help get our story out to the masses.  
Yahoo Health

Tomorrow's blog is going to be all on the premiere! So excited to share thoughts of the night & movie with y'all as well as photos from the event.  Wanted to touch on these 2 big moments and some of the news we've gotten before the event. :) Check back tomorrow afternoon. 

Love & light!