It literally changed my life

I don't know if I'm alone on this but I have a lot of "it changed my life" moments lately, and here's what I think about it.  Before, when I never paid attention to the world around me, hardly even paid attention to the people I was with, I never had a lot of life changing moments.  I've always had a positive outlook on life but never really experienced a lot of ah ha moments. Now that I am open the experience, it happens more often.  I see it in everything.  

The amazing people we met on our honeymoon, taught us the value to looking at the simple things in life, being grateful, & focusing on what we do have.  Also, the amazing feeling we got from traveling and connecting with others inspired lots of new experiences.  Wanee (the first year and second year), 2012 Wanee taught us to get in touch with nature and others in a deeper way. Taught us to relax more and have fun; always dance, be happy, & to try to make it to as many shows as we can because music is healing. The 2013 year is when Michael Franti showed us the most amazing kindness and shared our story with thousands of people (both at the show & after online).  Steve & I have always wanted to reach the massess with our story because of the ALS awareness & our story of our love, and with Michael's help we have reached more than we imagined. The documentary premiere even; to be able to feel and revive that much love from the room. It was a dream come true shows us that if you have a dream, never doubt yourself, go for it. If you work hard enough it will come true. ☺️

You have to be open to what the world is presenting you with---if not you will miss lots of life changing experiences. 

So give yourselves a chance for these moments to happen. Open your hearts and your minds, & be present.  You will be amazed how many days become more than just amazing but they change your life as well.