Know you. Love you.

If I have the chance to sit outside, I will always take it
If someone offers me wine, the answer is always yes
I don't eat meat and never want to again
Yet I want a cigarette almost everyday of my life
I don't smoke
Because I choose not to daily
I talk a lot
I also listen
I am a very good listener
I miss having people feel like they can confide in me like they did when I was just a therapist
People don't like to tell me their problems now
Because we all know nothing outweighs ALS
People are often scared to ask details about our life with ALS.
We don't mind.
We like to talk about it
We love our lives
I smudge a lot 
If you know what that means then we would probably get along very well
I'm open minded
I have strong beliefs
Yes at the same time
I want others to be able to decide for themselves
I don't want someone to tell me what to choose 
I respect others freedom
Because I value mine so much
Steve & ALS gave me a spine.
The things in the past that I used to tolerate doesn't fly with me now
I still consider myself a loving nice person
I love myself as well as others now
And that is why things have changed.
I care about what others think
I want people to feel happy around me
I want to be positive in their life
If someone doesn't like my outfit, tattoos, or hair I don't care
I will be offended if you call me ugly
But much more so if you call me dumb
I had to work hard to learn what I have
And never want to stop learning
I hope I learn something new everyday of my life
Because that's how I grow
I am deep
I analyze my thoughts and actions every day
I journal almost everyday
I like writing
I have realized I'm actually good at it
While I still have a lot of grammar issues to work out
I believe I am a good writer while I struggle with grammar
I like to learn
I keep trying to learn
The more I learn the better I become
At everything
I meditate every day
If not I worry and fall apart
which I cannot afford to do
I also need to keep my feet on the ground
Some days life is surreal
And some days it gets to me
So I mediate
Every day
Yoga started because I'm vain
I want to look the best, feel the best, & be the best I can
I call it self care vain
Yoga turned into more
It is a lifestyle
Yoga helped me become the Hope people need me to be
The Hope I want to be.
I presently live to make a difference in the world
And I hope I always will.

I hope each of you feel this much clarity with who you are currently or one day.  I hope that you are patient to understand that you are ever evolving and changing. I hope you learn to know you.  Most important I hope you can all learn to love you.