Do it for the Love

Let me tell y'all about the Do it for the Love foundation.  This is the foundation that Michael Franti & Sara Agah made after their experience with meeting Steve & I at Wanee.  (Click here to read our thoughts on that experience.)  It's an amazing feeling that each person we see receive this wonderful gift of experience & live music, that we had a part in that.  I love reading all their stories because not only am I delighted to see so many people get a good dose of musical medicine but I'm also inspired by how many beautiful people there are that are fighting a battle and still able to enjoy life!  

They have blessed our lives with so much love and light.  Obviously our relationship with Michael is one we will cherish for life.  He took the time out to get to know us, takes the time out of his extremely busy schedule to still check in on us, really helps spread awareness for loving others, for ALS, & for so many other medical conditions that need awareness desperately, sends us positive uplifting messages, & positive uplifting people.  We've met some life long friends through him, and feel blessed to be surrounded by so much love.  I feel like Sara and I have been friends our whole life, she's an amazing soul & it's a blessing to have her. 

We've also gotten to meet Dave Matthews who has been a long time favorite of both Steve & myself. (here's a blog on that experience) We had the chance to meet Xavier Rudd & Ray Lamangntange (Steve was hospitalized both concerts and we unfortunately had to miss them but received love from those artists despite that).  

We met Trevor Hall at Soulshine August 1st whose music has really helped us in this journey.  His songs are a strong calming force that  inspires and ignites us.  He was a joy to meet, just as great of a presence in person as he is in his music.  Truly he heals my soul!  We left soulshine early due to Steve not feeling well, and missed meeting SOJA.  Steve got home and immediately messaged Lisa Rueff (without me knowing), who works so hard for Do it for the Love.  He said,  "Hey Lisa. It's Steve D, speaking to you with my eye's. Hope really loves SOJA and her birthday is the 17TH and i'm hoping you can get an autograph picture or something. Please let me know if this can happen. Thank you."  Well she came to visit us in the hospital yesterday with a bag full of surprises (I got to open one early) signed with love and excitement by SOJA.  It made my day to see how happy Steve was that he got to surprise me, that he was so thoughtful to ask that for me even while feeling so sick, that Lisa worked her magic, & that SOJA was up for sharing their love.  It was the light in the dark we always talk about.  

That's what Do it for the Love does.  They shine light for those who need it the most.  If you or a friend knows a child or adult with a life threatening illness, disability, or a wounded veteran please sign them up.  There are tons of amazing musicians they are working with.  These kind of experiences are life changing, they help your forget there is illness for a little, and heal!