Manifest Reality

I recently took myself out of the box I used to live in, I simply realized I don't fit or belong in a box. I went to college majored in one thing, went to grad school got more specialized, worked in the field for 5 years. I was an excellent therapist when I could actually be in the moment, I however, actually never really liked it. No really, I would be able to accomplish break throughs with some and completely fail at others & they both bothered me just the same.  I carry people's emotions easily and I hadn't learned how to handle that yet. I was also bored. Genuinely with the job which you can tell because I had 5 different jobs in 5 years. It was more than just testing the waters, it was please tell me I don't hate all that I'm good at (so I thought) moment.  I am of course led to help others, so what better way than a therapist? 

Well guess what? I don't want just one title. I am a little about a lot person who was trying to live in a lot about a little world. I don't want to do one thing for the rest of my life. It's very unlike me. I want to do a lot of things with my life. My degree will always play a huge part into my future journeys just as it does currently, but I'm not just one thing. I am many thing.  I will never regret going to school even if I am not a working therapist those 4 years undergrad & 3 grad taught me so much more than just psychology.  

I am good at many things.  Once I could let go of those boxes of expectation I was able to realize I am good at several things if I just stay true to who I am.

You have find what feels most authentic and do it. I feel best taking care of Steve, being able to feel empowered and loved by someone and being able to take care of them in return. I enjoy painting, it feels right to me. Once I removed the box of only being a good painter if you can paint a certain way.  Art is your own expression.  If you receive happiness from doing something, do it, that's art.  I enjoy writing, and seeing myself grow as a writer. I enjoy being a part of films; anything from being in front of the camera, behind the camera, directing, etc.  I love yoga and meditating.  I feel pulled to teach everyone around me about it.  I am many things. So are you. 

Once you open your mind to the possibility, things will change. They will suddenly make sense & you will feel great.  When you have your intentions clear; work hard, believe in it, believe in you, & pay attention, the universe will be presenting many great opportunities to help you manifest those dreams.  

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