This is my space, that's yours. Namaste :)

Steve & I try to be open, while trying to remain positive in all things we put out there.  It's not always easy because somedays ALS sucks, our attitudes sucks, or our stir crazy wanderlust ways itch at us & we get agitated at the situation.  Some days we want to complain.  We want to be authentic and transparent in our lives (not just for others but for us), and we do embrace our feelings of "stand still" but we still choose not to put a complaint into the universe.  Complaining only left us feeling worse. We learned that we do better by accepting our feelings, and working on refocusing our energy to positive.  

I have been working on "protecting my space" and learning not to allow other people's energy to influence me negatively; because for as long as I can remember, I found myself attaching to other peoples energy, and carrying it as my own.  As I've been working on letting that go, I realized that also meant I had to accept people where they are, even if that means accepting their complaining. 

It is not my energy that is being put out there in a complaint, so why am I attaching to it?  If someone needs to complain to feel better, why do I need to even acknowledge it?  I am responsible for myself and only myself.  Other people's energy is theirs.  It is a simple concept that has taken a lot of work for me to acknowledge, accept, and learn how to separate.  

If I find myself carrying someone else's energy I acknowledging it, and then that's when I take space to do yoga, mediate, go stand bare food on the earth, smudge, read, write, paint, craft, etc.  I'm so blessed to have a husband who accepts me and encourages me to be the best version of me, who shares the same values, and who understands when I need to do meditation work.  I'm also so thankful to have such amazing, supportive, & understanding people in my life who accept me for all my quirks and shine so much love on me! I'm thankful for the continued lessons I'm presented with and for all the teachers that pop up along the way.