Words have been flowing out of me faster than I can get them on the paper.  I have been working on a book for over a year.  Now when I say 'working' I mean, I would write maybe once or twice a month the past year.  Obviously, that wasn't going to make me progress.  

I have been reading a few books (bird by bird, brain on fire, writing the bones, & the artist way) and in all of them, they repeatedly say in order to further your path you have to do the art everyday.  So I began drawing daily, painting daily, and yes now writing daily.

Of course some days the words don't want to come as quickly or smoothly but if I sit and set my mind to it I can write, and if I meditate on it prior I can write things that I never actually became aware of in myself before.  I have come to 4 profound self realizations this year alone & it's day 10.  

So there may be few words on my blog for a while, but I feel this book is a priority.  You may see a lot of Facebook posts, as I'm using Facebook to help with accountability.  Y'all know my love/hate relationship with social media.  It sometimes just makes my head ache to think about it and other times I can get some of the best inspiration and encouragement there.  

So yes feel free to ask me about it, and say, "How many pages now?"  It's blown my mind that I reached the point I have and I'm feeling more empowered than I have in a long time.  

I want to thank those closet to me for not allowing me to give up on this project like I almost did.  I am so very very thankful to have so much support in putting myself out there. 

photo Raymond Adams