1 year after the premiere of our documentary and I've been reflecting on all that has happened in a year.

We filmed a little update video for y'all. However, I started thinking on a more personal level what has changed.

Aside from lots, because we go through so many changes almost daily, more importantly it's the growth that has come from it all.  Putting yourselves out there you will find that you will get a mix of opinions.  With that mix there will inevitably be the negative opinions.

Initially I found my spirit being broken by the 1 or 2 negative comments and would find myself forgetting the 100s of positive comments, which pointed out an area of growth for me.  I had to learn why I was allowing the few negative opinions to affect me so strongly and then find a way for it to stop.

Here's what it boils down to, and has been one of the most life changing lessons I've learned.  
Other people should be entitled to think or feel whatever they want, without my judgment or reaction. Obviously, if I see someone causing another person physical harm then I will always step in, but negative thinking  just doesn't deserve my attention.  It's not my life, I'm not the one saying the negative comment, or putting out that negative energy, so why should I even give it my attention. 

When you can begin to see life in this way, you begin to also learn to accept others (and yourself) for who they (you) are. The REAL truth is that everyone in your life is going to do something you don't agree with, EVERYONE.  However, it is NONE of your business in how THEY CHOOSE to live their lives. 

Everyone deserves love.  No matter how different their lives are, they deserve love.  Even those who have negative thoughts on you deserve love.  Often they are the ones who need it the most. 

Learning to remove yourself from others lives and just simply allowing them to be themselves without judgement will change your life.

The, "ugh, the clothes she wears bothers me," becomes, "that girl is doing her, you go girl."  That's it.  No other thoughts needed, it's NOT YOUR LIFE.  

Is it easy?  No, of course not.
Is it worth it? Absolutely.

Obviously it's not something that always comes natural and it takes some work to train your mind to start to think this way. I promise every time you show love to everyone, but especially those who are the more difficult to show love to, you will find it come back to you 10 fold.  

Allow others the freedom to be themselves, be true to yourself, and love everyone, and watch life become a lot less complicated.  There doesn't need to be any drama about it.