My commitment to a sustainable Ayurveda lifestyle

I started Ayurveda classes this weekend.  It's a 6 month, level 1 course, mostly done online; with a one time a month session to put our knowledge into practice with our amazing teacher, who is a dear friend of mine.  I hope to make all 6 of the sessions, provided Steve is healthy, and we have a nurse available; but if not I can make it up and will still be able to complete the course.

Ayurveda, for those unfamiliar, is a traditional system of medicine, based on the idea of balance in mind, body, and spirit; using diet, herbal treatment, ritual, and yogic breathing.

After my first class I was so inspired and extremely happy/grateful for this opportunity.  I was also surprised with how many things I'm already implementing into my daily life that are Ayurveda practices.

  • I had been oil pulling, which is a morning ritual in Ayurveda, for almost a year now and swear since I've started it my immune system has been incredible.  Are you thinking, what is oil pulling? If yes, click me to learn more
  • Ayurveda shows evidence that lunch is the most important and largest meal of the day and should be the biggest, because of the way our body works and digestion.  Naturally I've never been a big breakfast eater, and would often feel guilty with all the advertisements of it being "the most important meal of the day."  After learning of the dosha cycles, and how lunch time is when our body is able to handle and digest the most food; it made sense, my body was being intuitive by it's love for lunchtime!
  •  Ayurveda teaches the importance of healthy body AND MIND.  So the yoga and meditation I've included everyday is a huge part of Ayurveda ritual.  Because health is being balanced in ALL dimensions, not just body.  

Our bodies want to be healthy, we feel better when we eat the right things, do the right exercises, have the right mindset, etc.  However, someone like me with little consistency and limited knowledge, I was still doing a handful of things my body wasn't liking; and sadly so many that I couldn't pin point just what on my own.

I've had several discussions with our teacher previously about symptoms I've been experiencing and asking for recommendations.  Between that, all the reading I've been doing, and our first class I am gaining the knowledge to live the vibrant healthy life I desire.  I've started changing my lifestyle little by little with each new thing I learn; and I also have started implementing those that I can into Steve's daily regimen.  The difference has already been significant and we are just getting started.

I want what goes in my body to be clean and healthy, I want to help others close to me have this lifestyle; and I want to help heal mother earth.   There are a lot of ways in which we think we are being healthy, where in turn we are hurting our planet and ourselves.  My goal is to find a self sustainable, efficient, Ayurveda lifestyle that will help keep Steve & I at our optimal health. Hopefully in turn by me sharing, others will see the benefits in us and try it for themselves.

I believe this knowledge I am gaining on Ayurveda, my passion to save our planet and daily efforts to do so, and sharing it to everyone I come in contact with can really make a positive impact.  Not only on the health of myself and those around me but the health of momma earth!

I'm excited to share more as I continue to learn, implement, and grow!  Thanks for being apart of my journey! xo