Rituals have changed our lives in 1 week

"Ritual is the Remedy" 

You guys know my journey already with Ayurveda natural remedies, and I would like to share some success with y'all!

For the past two years, I have had some sort of morning routine I did, but it wasn't consistent.  In trying to improve my consistency with life, I've been actively seeking a morning ritual.  After attending the Ritual is the Remedy workshop with my teacher last weekend, Steve & I developed a consistent morning ritual we both do.  

Since doing this everyday I have to report great success already!  I will first tell you about each of our rituals, and then share our results!

I wake up 2.5 hours before Steve.  It helps me to be able to have my own time to focus on my morning ritual & it also forces me to get up and going; which I need sometimes.  

I start with Lemon and Ginger in warm Water, Golden Milk, and homemade Chai tea.  I will enjoy these while I do my morning smudging and journal.  

I then do oil pulling, washing, face care, massage with oils, Nasya oil, brush teeth, & clean my tongue.  
Following I do yoga, I usually flow with whatever I am feeling that day.  Some days I do a challenging hour long session if I have the time, or other days I do 20 minutes of easy flowing.  I then do around 5 minutes of Pranayama (alternate nostril breathing), followed by 15 minutes of meditation. With the meditation, I find mantra meditation the most effective for me, explore what works best for you as there are so many useful techniques. 
After that I do some earthing, and go put my bare feet on the earth and absorb the grounding energies momma earth provides us with.  I do this for usually 5 minutes while I take in all the sounds and sights nature has to offer. 
At this point, Steve is usually just waking up.  Our morning routine with Steve includes traditional medicine & natural medicine.  
  • Our first thing we do is put him on his morning dose of IV antibiotics. 
  • We then clean his nose with suctioning the drainage and using nasya. 
  •  I then do full trache care including changing drainage sponges, inner canulas, ties, & deep suctioning.  
  • Then we do some Calendula massage around his neck where he has the most spasms, and do other oil massage on his neck, shoulders, & arms.  
  • Following we give him 3 (to start we are working towards more) types of tinctures that help with lung health, infections, and muscle spasm
  • Give him his morning medicines
  • Brush his teeth
  • Clean his tongue
  • Wash his face.  

Because I had been implementing some of these rituals in my life already it's been an easy transition to want to do this every morning and it not to feel like a chore.

My most noticeable benefit is feeling more grounded! :) I also have some relief in constant stomach pains and my skin is clearing! 

Steve's are more profound.  Previous to using the Nasya on Steve, he had constant drainage from his nose to the point where eventually we would have to plug his nose with tissues.  Steve is currently on 36 hours plug free!!!  He's needed his nose wiped a few times, but it's been profoundly better.  Also, Steve has a lung infection called Pseudomonas, and for those unfamiliar it has a very distinct odor. While, his lungs have a ways to go; between the several things we have been using plus a new fairly expensive antibiotic I don't smell the Pseudomonas today. For the first time in a year!  His sputum cultures we collect weekly still shows infection, but this is only after 1 full week of this.  I can't wait until the pharmacy calls me in shock to tell me the infections are getting better!  Because I believe in all we are doing and finally feel like we are hitting Steve's health in all directions! 

We are pretty relaxed with planning our days because with us everyday is different for us between ALS needs, nurses, visits, projects; etc.  We have started an evening ritual as well of turning off from technology an hour before bed, with some evening gratitude journal, and short meditation.  

I know the positive results will increase as times go on and I'm very excited to continue sharing our journey with y'all.  Thanks for being a part of it. :)

If you don't have a morning or evening ritual; consider trying it.  Start slow and with what works best for you.