The real B word

I have recently been referring to myself as a Bitch.  I know my mom is saying silently, "Oh, Hope Ann, why are you swearing?"   Some others may be saying, "I can't believe she would use such a sexist word."  Even more absurd is some thinking, "Hope could never be a bitch, she's such an angel."  

Now I don't feel like being a bitch is a negative trait because I like to give the word a different  definition.  

  1. 1.
    a female dog, wolf, fox, or otter.
  1. 1.
    express displeasure; grumble.

noun 2015 definition 

  1. A HUMAN who is aware of having an emotion.  Understanding that emotion is trying to tell you something. Once they become aware of this emotion they then actively try to change it.  Understanding that in order to change the behavior you must first understand where it's coming from.  This person will speak about these emotions because they are living in the moment and feeling life as it happens to them.  Because of the passion these words may not be agreed with.  No harm is meant, this human is just being true to themselves & their emotions.  

Okay, so maybe I can't add a new definition to the word; but I am tired of people feeling like in order to be a spiritual person wanting to make an impact on the world, you have to let of ever having emotions.  People feel like they need to be perfect.  Well, not only does perfect not exist no matter how enlightened, the definition wouldn't include pretending emotions don't exist. 

I know I'm not alone on this experience; where I speak out against something I don't agree with, and the response being, "You're so fake, everyone thinks you're such an enlightened angel, when you're just a bitch."  Why do we put such high expectations on another person.  Speaking on behalf of the imperfect, I will do things you may not agree with, I will say things I sometimes shouldn't have, and I won't always realize when I'm being insensitive.  As hard as I am working towards reaching my highest self and living a life with the most purpose; I am human and have learned that allowing myself to be human does a whole lot for my mental health.  

Let those expectations go and see how free you feel.  Then see how your views on others may change.  That girl you said was being a "bitch", takes on a new meaning.  That girl speaks up for what she believes in and has passion and she is doing her.  Why does her being self expressive make her bad?

Let's start seeing each other through new eyes.  HUMAN eyes.  

photo found on tumblr source unknown