Divine Feminine Energy

Okay ladies.  This blog is for you today.  Men you could probably use a little freshen up on this as well. ;) 

So often as females we are made to feel bad about what makes us feminine.  Our curves, or bodies, our menses, our emotions, hormones, our nurturing...

It happens so regularly now that it's become a norm to tell a woman, "Stop PMSing and get a grip." Along with being called names if we show to much skin, women being shamed for breast feeding (I mean this one will never make sense to me), we care too much about others emotions, or act too maternal , etc.... The list is endless in ways in which we have become a woman shaming society.  

This morning I woke up feeling bad, because yesterday I was feeling too many emotions.  I was experiencing the heaviness of the flow and I took the day off mostly.  I didn't want to watch a movie with Steve yesterday, I didn't make the list of things I had planned to make, or schedule those appointments, I didn't do much.  (However, being a caregiver you don't get days off, so I was still showing up to my job, but just not doing anything extra).

I felt drawn to walk around this morning and pick up all the beautiful flowers that the trees have dropped and use them in my sacred space and while meditating. I had a beautiful image come to mind as I sat in this space.  That on days where my emotions are heavy, it's the days I should celebrate my femininity the most.  I should celebrate all that makes me a powerful, strong, soft, caring, divine female.  Own the emotions that come with it and celebrate my ability to FEEL life.  

So today I did just that, my meditation turned into a full ceremony.  I celebrated my feminine energy and instantly I felt more energized, more positive, and more capable.  Of anything.  It really inspired me.  So much, that I decided to write a blog on "the flow" ;) 

But in all seriousness ladies.  Don't beat yourself up when you experience emotions or moments of unsteadiness; instead take time to celebrate all that goes into making you the radiant female you are. It will shift things for you I promise.  I plan to do this every single month.  Because what happens to my body is special and makes me special, and it's something I won't be ashamed of anymore.  I will instead use the excess energy for the good.  <3