Eliminate Hate

Last night laying in bed, as I was drifting off to sleep I had this thought.

I wonder if anyone else logs onto Facebook and sees someone they were just thinking about pop up on your timeline, and think, 'cool on me to have a connection with the universe through Facebook?' Then I will look at this persons page for a minute, usually until something else distracts my puppy brain, and then I'm on to the next thing.  Then as I began to wonder about this, I realized that it doesn't actually mean I connected with this person, although, in my mind I did.  I read their posts saw some pictures of their puppies or kids, and then carried on.  Really though it's not connecting unless we actually interact with the person....I will work on that I think...

Then my thought gets interrupted just as I'm thinking about the love/hate relationship I have with facebook, by both of our guest bedroom doors popping open.  I laugh and think, hmm more signs from the universe, what could it be?  I always check Steve first, and once I saw he was okay I was reminded of an interaction with my oldest nephew this weekend.  He's wise beyond his years and a very special boy (I'm not just biased, it's true):) 

We were getting ready to go visit Linn Run State Park, my favorite place to visit when I'm in Pennsylvania, and as we are bundling up to get ready, I casually say, "I really hate the cold weather." 

To which he quickly responds, "We aren't supposed to say we hate things, Aunt Hope."

I look at him and smile, and again my puppy brain went somewhere else without thinking much about the interaction.

So last night I sat and thought, "It's too easy to say I hate something."  It shouldn't be that easy.  In fact I shouldn't use the word in my vocabulary at all, because hate just breeds more hate. So hating the cold just makes me miserable and focus on all the misery about it.  You know what, that whole trip to Linn Run, I didn't notice the cold one bit.  In fact I enjoyed every minute about the experience, all because my nephew casually reminded me to eliminate hate.  

How are your words influencing your life?  It's simple to not see it, but the mindful elimination of the word can be pretty  powerful.  I plan to work everyday at eliminating the word hate from my vocabulary.  Will you join me? 

More love.  No more hate. <3