I'm an idea person.  On an average day at least 20 ideas float through my mind.  Some great game changing ideas and some eh, not so much.  However, allowing the ideas to flow have been the start of some amazing projects in my life.

I recently had someone gently suggest to me, "Less ideas, more focus."  I could see where they were coming from and it totally rattled me.  Am I too flaky?  All these ideas and not enough follow through?  Do people see me as just a wild card.  She'll one day have something that sticks?  

Feeling totally discouraged I went to my trusty adviser (Steve :)), and asked what he thought.  He said without skipping a beat, "You're an idea person, and that's what makes you special.  Don't allow someone who doesn't understand you stop you, from being you."

That's why he's my adviser, you see.  I come to him with every wild idea, and he always tells me to pursue it with the rare exception of the idea being to big for my breeches.  He encourages me to pursue everything with equal measure, and is there to catch me when those ideas flop, and to keep pushing me when I need the extra motivation.  

The beauty of having someone tell you to run with your wild ideas, is that some of those ideas blossom into really amazing things.  Our documentary started out as just a wild idea.  Now, it's going to be distributed world wide May 3rd.  Hopie Hippie started as an idea, Hope for Steve, this blog, all the changes done to our home, etc.

All these started with just an idea where Steve encouraged me, "Yes, Hope, run with that."  If he hadn't encouraged me and I listened to the "nay sayers", a lot of magical things wouldn't have happened in our lives.

If you find yourself constantly being discouraged when you have an idea, don't stop.  Find a new adviser, and keep going.  Because all beautiful projects started as just an idea, and then the courage to try and follow through with that.  If your ideas have been failing, and you can't seem to find one that sticks.  Don't give up!  Your golden ticket is coming I promise.

Ideas are the way the world keeps evolving and growing, and one day yours could change the world.  It could be the cure to ALS, or it could be the next life changing movie someone sees that impacts their life so much they change, or the next big invention to make our lives better, or even a way to add just a little bit of beauty to our lives.

Your ideas are worthy of being pursued.  Don't let anyone tell you differently.  Be an idea person with me, and let's keep shaking up the way people see the world.