I used to dread mornings.  I would hit my snooze button as many times as I could to not get out of bed.  I would then start my mornings rushed and dreadful, with very little positive going into my day. Usually swinging by Starbucks on my way to work, and cursing caffeine for not giving me the pick me up I needed.

Then as I became full time caregiver for Steve, I still didn't like mornings, and would sleep until 10, wake up feeling groggy with little energy, and with the same sense of, "ugh how am I going to get through my day."  

I wrote previously about the lessons I've gained from my Ayurveda class, which is coming to an end. Thankfully my amazing teacher Anna Apotheca, is going to be letting me continue on in her classes to the next level, so I can continue to learn and allow it to expand my life. 

My favorite part that I've implemented was to have a morning ritual.  All of a sudden I'm a morning person, I love being awake by 7:30, and to have several hours to set the tone for my day.  So I get up now; do yoga, meditate, then drink my lemon ginger water, golden milk, I spend sometime outside usually with my bare feet on the earth doing some "earthing", I journal, then blog (most recent addition), I eat breakfast, I wash up, and then study/read until Steve wakes up.

Because once Steve wakes up my day does revolve around him.  Obviously we both work on our separate projects but if he needs me, I'm there in 15 seconds (we've timed it :))  So my mornings help me greet Steve with a smile, and help me address his needs, and accomplish the 100 things I set out to do each day with the best attitude possible. 

If you find yourself dreading mornings, or find your days starting so negative it's hard to find any positive in your day, I highly suggest, taking some time for a morning routine.

Make it your own.  Do what feels best for you: pray, stretch, spend time outside, WHATEVER you can do to help your day start in a positive.  

Start as small as you want, even if you give yourself 15 minutes to just sit in silence and set intentions for the day to go smoothly, it will vastly change your life.  I know it will, because it has mine.