Like nature, winter slowly forced me to hibernate and rest.  It forced me indoors and to slow down.  It forced me to dig deep for warmth and light.  Like nature, winter helps me shed off a few layers that needed to die.  

Then comes spring!  Where every bloom reawakens another piece in my soul, that was hidden for the cold long months.  It restores hope and vibrancy.  Suddenly, I feel full of energy much like a bloom opening up to the sun.  I feel the earths energy flowing in me and giving me what I need.  

Spring is a great time to allow what is buried deep inside blossom!  We all have seeds, that just need a little sunshine (light) shining on them and a little love.  

What will you let bloom this spring?  New project ideas, or picking up ones you set down for the winter?  Allow the colors popping out of the ground and dancing in the winds inspire you.  

Take sometime today to plan how you want to bloom this spring! 

 How do I want to?

In many ways.  Like the hundreds of different flowers that fill my eyes with joy, so does the hundreds of ideas growing inside of me.  One is to become more committed to my passions.  Do more: yoga, meditating, studying, Ayurveda, Herbs, weaving, creating, painting, writing.  To let the seeds to blossom even grander than I could imagine!  Then open myself up to what else is to come.  I'll be spending an hour this afternoon in the flowers allowing the ideas to pop up! 

Nature is a powerful force, displaying her strengths all around-as are you.  It's time to bloom!