It takes a certain vulnerability to share your lives with others.  You are putting your inner most thoughts, and personal events out there for people to see; and you don't always know how people will receive it.

I used to cringe when feeling vulnerable, when someone would ask me a personal question, or even sharing struggles with friends; let alone the internet world.  I wish I had a recipe for teaching people how to accept the vulnerable moments in their lives, because once I did things shifted for me in amazing ways.

Opening yourself doesn't just allow room for negative responses, which yes may happen, it opens you up to some of the most positive experiences you will ever have.  Your friendships will deepen because they know they are getting the real you.  People will relate to you, because they too have these same feelings!  

When Steve & I first made the decision on sharing our lives, I used to feel pressured to always say or do the right thing.  It was overwhelming and would lead me hiding in a corner and not wanting to share our lives.  Even still some days I'm overwhelmed and take breaks from it; which is okay. Because taking breaks is allowing me to be in tuned to my needs.  

However, since sharing our thoughts and feelings and including everyone on the good and bad, people then felt like they could relate to us more, and the connections with our followers deepened. Some days I sit uninspired and lay around having movie days with Steve, and some days I say the wrong thing, some days I can't do anything right.  It's all okay and I feel better with sharing the vulnerable moments, because I want everyone to know that these moments will happen; then you get through them and feel more inspired on the other side.  

So today as I share a vulnerable thought with you all, I hope it helps you find comfort in your moments.  

Steve has gotten to where he no longer feels comfortable leaving the house.  Which, is totally okay and his choice.  It's a beautiful thing we have such a cozy home full of lots of magic and a place he feels safe.  I however, find myself feeling like I've failed him.  If maybe I had done more stretches it wouldn't be so painful to move, maybe if I could finally tune into where/when his anxiety is triggered I could stop it, etc.  

My mind is a beautiful place full of lots of ideas that have blossomed into beautiful things, but it's also full of the I'm not good enough's.  That (I've shared before) I am working on.  

So today I am thankful for the beautiful friendships we have developed and their understanding of our situation.  I'm thankful that I feel okay being vulnerable and I know the not good enough feelings will pass.  I know that Steve and I will continue to make the most of our days and we are blessed to have so many people to help us in that!  

So with vulnerability I've opened myself up.  What can you experience if you allow it?