You ARE amazing. Don't let anyone to tell you other wise.

I recently took a trip home to visit family, and it's been 3 years since I've had the chance to do so.  I was inspired by the strong women that raised me, to blog more often, and continue to stand strong in my own power.

This inspiration happened to coincide with International Women's Day, which is today; and some negativity that Steve & I experienced on Facebook yesterday.  This message isn't to focus on the negative, so I'm not even sharing the details of what happened; it's a thought that spun from this all happening at once.

My mom is a strong, loving, kind, empowered, open, Jesus loving, hard working mom; whom I'm eternally grateful for.  Growing up she taught us to be strong in your own power while being open to the love and blessings the world has to offer.  She taught me to hustle and to work hard, and also taught me that it's okay to accept help; instead of seeing it as a weakness.  She taught me to show love and kindness to everyone, even those who we may see as undeserving.  She taught me that WE decide how we see ourselves, and that if we allow others opinions of us to shake us; that's on us.

So I'm here to say, thank you, to my mom and all the strong women (and men) out there who taught us that we decide the value we put on our lives.  That just because someone doesn't like us, or they use our words against us; doesn't mean we can't like ourselves.  

In this world of social media, where we can hide behind our computers and phones and say whatever comes to mind, without thinking if it's kind or not; we need to have a strong sense in who we are if we decide to share our lives.  Part of me gets sad when I see or experience negativity or judgment, that it's become so okay to be mean.  How it's socially acceptable to speak unkindly to someone even when you don't know the facts.  But, then it reminds me that I have work to do.

There are some among us who don't feel like they have value!  A comment on the internet could make them feel like they aren't worthy of love, or like they deserved the negative attention.  I'm here to tell you, you ARE SO worthy of love.  You are beautiful, strong, capable, and deserving of love and kindness, and if someone isn't giving you this; it's NOT YOU.  It really is them.

****Please if you're ever feeling like you have no worth (regardless if someone told you that or you just think it) please reach out to me.  I'm happy to help you see the beauty that lies in you.  We ALL have it.****

If I'm judgmental on someone, 100% of the time it's because it's something I haven't worked out with myself.  Look, I'm just as guilty of judging people as the next, but I make a choice in my interactions. Is this kind?  Is it really them?  Sometimes it takes me a while, because I think there's no way this is on me, but if I remove my ego long enough to see; it's life changing.  If I am judging you, it's because I am judging that quality in me.  100% of the time.

Kindness is not weakness.  You can say what you need to say, while being kind.  I promise you can. Trust me if I feel like I need to say something to someone I will, but I will do everything in my power to find a loving way to do it.  It's hard, it's a strength!  It takes actual strength to be kind to some people.

On this day where we celebrate all the strong women out there building people up, shaking up our old ways of thinking, creating beautiful lives in your own way, shining kindness and love on others; I praise all of you difference makers.  Women (and men) doing their things with love.  You are amazing.  I'm also here to remind you, that your value doesn't come from a comment on the internet, or something mean someone said to you.  YOU ARE AMAZING. Don't allow anyone to tell you otherwise.