1. 1.
    the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.
    "Helen had one of her flashes of inspiration"
  2. 2.
    the drawing in of breath; inhalation.

What a beautiful word with beautiful meaning.  

I'd like to think we all want inspired lives.  We all want those moments of inspired creativity in whatever area of work we do.  The author is inspired to finish his book, painter, scientist, designer, creator, etc.  We all draw sources of inspiration in our life.  We make inspo boards to look at to draw ideas from, we hang pictures of our inspirations, we create spaces to seek inspiration from, surround ourselves with people who inspire us, follow their lives on the internet world, we watch the movies, listen to the songs, etc....

Then I read number 2.  The drawing in of breath; inhalation.  It makes me think of another interpretation of this; how often do we inspire ourselves?  I know I draw a lot of inspiration from people around me, and one of my favorite compliments is when someone tells me I've inspired them.  It's a moment where I can see me living my life out loud has positively impacted someone else's life.  Don't we all want that?  Of course, but what about inspiring ourselves?  We take the beautiful gift of drawing in a breath, and we allow that to truly be inspiration.  

Let me make this as simple as I can.  The act of being able to draw in air into your own lungs without a machine is pretty damn inspirational.  You have that ability.  What a gift to be given.  I don't know how often we think about it when we take in a breath, unless it's intentional; that this breath I'm breathing is inspired living.  If we can all look at life this way think of the things we could do in our lives.  Constantly inspired by the act of taking in a breath.  

Let's live life more in awe.  Inspired by things we easily take for granted.  In case this isn't sinking in here are some simple examples: "I'm so inspired by my ability to move my legs, I think i'll go for a walk today." "I'm so inspired by my ability to see, I think i'll look deeply at EVERYTHING I see on my walk."  I'm so inspired by my ability to breath, I think I'll write about it."  "I'm so inspired by my ability to use my hands, I think I'll create with them."................

Every moment of this life can offer those beautiful moments of inspired living.  Don't let that magic go.  Don't forget that simply being able to breathe on your own, is inspiration enough to live your life the way you've always wanted to.