Listening to your feelings, to navigate your need for balance.

We have an owl that lives in our backyard, and today while I was reading my earth medicine daily readings, I heard the owl talking to me.  So I stopped and really focused on what I was reading and it said, "The will is directed by our emotions and intuitive feelings,  When we are cut of from these feelings, we enter a state of confusion."  

Something that life continues to teach me, is that without balance, I will be knocked off my path. When I'm in the flow, and I'm too focused on going, doing, creating, making, helping, doing, going, going, going....I always end up somewhere off path, lost searching around surrounded by trees and no clear idea how I got there; confused, unfocused, and frustrated.  However, if I remember to find the balance of work and play, flow and pause, going and stopping; I can enjoy the beauty along the path without getting lost so many times.  If I trust my feelings and allow them to determine the pace, I find myself focused, happy, peaceful, healthy, and all the good adjectives. 

I have become pretty clear on what I want my life to be, and I've gotten pretty in tune with my self, that if I really stop and listen to what I'm feeling, it guides me.  My biggest challenge I will have to overcome is  that when I'm feeling overwhelmed instead of taking a break; I forge on through.  Because, to me taking a break sometimes is making excuses.  I should be doing this, I have all this to do, I want to be doing all this, ideas, needs, responsibilities, .... Then I reach the not so pretty crash and burn further down after weeks or months not listening to that need for a breather.  It's a cycle, that is up to me to put an end to. 

If I actually stay in tune to myself instead of trying to allow others to determine my flow of life, I find myself in my favorite day dream.  Okay, let me paint it for you. :)

If any of you are Incubus fans, this song is playing, Aqueous Transmission.  I'm laying safe on a raft and floating down a river, perfect flow.  I see what's going on around me, I can process it & feel it.  I grow, I learn, and I make impact on people I'm passing by.  Life seems to flow to the pace that serves me best, and even when the rapids get rough, I'm strong enough to hold on.  

I am starting to listen.  Yesterday we ended up having to turn Steve twice, and I really felt depleted and sick going to bed last night.  I had a mental fog, sore throat, and barely any energy.  I turned off my alarm, and slept until 8:30 today. Which, I haven't done in a few months.  I value my morning time, so I'm usually up and going by 6:30.  That extra sleep helped any signs of the sickies coming to go away, as well as helped me regain some focus.  Life is all about paying attention to your feelings to keep your balance.  

Learning to better use my energy and time, will ultimately be the biggest thing I learn in life.  Yeah, you read that correctly.  I have so much I want to do in life, and learning how to keep my balance while I strive; is how I'll make the impact on the world, that I can do.  Listen to your inner self because your intuition is always there to guide if, if you just tune in.