Writing this blog for me, and for lollipops. :)

Here I am holding myself accountable.  Give me a lollipop.  ;) 

So I sit here while our 15 year old Jack Russell lays on my lap/chest sleeping.  I'm thinking I don't know what to blog about today anyways, and Ozzy clearly needs the cuddles he's not feeling well. Maybe, I skip the blog today.  I mean I don't want to just write bland words in sequence without feeling them.  Who will that impact or inspire?

You know who?  Someone pretty important.  ME!

It will impact and inspire me because instead of giving into life's excuses I'm following up with a commitment I made myself.  Did you know I wake up 4 hours before Steve?  4 hours!  Yes half of that time is spent cleaning up the house from whatever activities happened the day before, yoga, mediation, and garden time, but then I have 2 hours to work on things.  To blog, write, study, ready, start working on a project.

I have a really bad habit of doing the "filler" where when I know a nurse/someone is coming at 11, I will do stuff up until 10 and sorta just doddle until 11.  I have a fear of them interrupting my process and me never getting back into it so I stop.  So instead I waste time.  Leading life with fear is as useless as a pen without ink.  

So I'm guessing y'all are wondering why I am writing on this topic AGAIN?  

It's because I still HAVEN'T gotten it. Because life doesn't just stop coming to present me excuses that I can totally choose to use as a way out of something.  Life still requires me to show up EVERYDAY and choose to follow through and do some work.  Just because I said, "Ok world, ths is what I want to do with my time..." doesn't mean magically the universe is responsible for making sure I ACTUALLY DO IT. 

 Nope, it's all on me.  When I have the time (which is a gift) I need to CHOOSE how to use it.  Wisely and mindfully or waste.  

Well, here I am showing up.  Taking the first step.  Following through.  Living congruently.  

Yes yes. Applause accepted, or I'll accept the, "It's about time," as encouragement also. 

Where haven't you been showing up?  If you're reading this and you live a fully congruent and mindful life I would love to hear from you!  Seriously.  I'm sure you are one of the many changing our world in so many ways it's mind blowing.  If you're reading this and you maybe have some work to do.  Join me, will you?  :)