Almost everyday I do some reflection on what message I want to get out with my blog that day.  The  past two weeks I have been so focused on more love, more community, more respect; both for people and the planet.  I noticed that some of my messages are being heard loud and clear, and the response is pretty awesome.  Some however, seem like the message is being missed.  Like, maybe people aren't hearing (reading) me clearly, or at all.  

I had a lovely conversation with my dear friend, and Ayurveda teacher Anna yesterday that sort of helped me understand why some of my messages were going as far and deep as I intended and some aren't.  Of course our conversation started with what's going on with us but had to include what's going on in the world.  Because as she often teaches, we are the microcosm of the macrocosm, meaning the world you live in heavily influences your life and well being.  In the conversation she said several things that my mind turned into a blog, but one in particular that helped me understand why some messages are being heard more than others.   "It's important to have the discernment of knowing where you want your message to come from."  

So there you have it, yesterdays message was one of desperation, right?  After watching Josh Fox's film I went into the desperate act of trying to get everyone to see his side of this, and why climate change should be in your wheelhouse.  Instead I should have said it this way, because this is where his message came from, and where mine should be as well.  Our planet is beautiful, life is beautiful, it's all a precious gift.  Truth is, that there is so much good left in this world, that is being heavily muddied down because there are some serious negatives happening.  As things start to reveal themselves as truth rather than theory more and more this year, it's causing a lot of panic and anger.  Which, are normal, and maybe even needed; but I think more effective is love.

We all are blessed to be alive here today, and if you're reading this, you have access to technology, and I'll assume probably food, clothing, shelter, and clean water.  What an incredible gift.  Truth is however, it's not that way for everyone.  So not only is it becoming worse, it's happening in the US now.  It's been happening in the US for a while, but it was sort of contained.  See, I grew up from 4th-9th grade without drinkable water, because due to mining the lands beside my house our water was taken over by iron and who knows what fossil fuels.  That was in the 90's and it wasn't ever spoken about.  We couldn't afford water purification systems so we didn't use our water.  However, we were fortunate enough to live close to some of the best spring water in our area that was clean and delicious (linn run) and we would go fill up gallons of water to cook, bathe, and drink with.  

The problems started in obscure areas, where they were contaminating our beautiful planet, but it was too small to be noticed.  Fast forward to today, and as much as we all want to be hiding from it, it's not possible anymore.  It's here on our front door steps, and it's hard for people to want to see it.  So with love, I want to empower us.  Because it all seems so daunting right?  Let me tell you, you reading this, you have power.  A lot of power in fact.  We all do.  Whether we fully realize it or not. That's why I keep saying we have to do something, it's because we can.  For once in our lifetimes, the truths are being shown to us, pretty clearly in fact.  It is actually a gift to finally be in the know, however, the trick is, that it's truly a personal choice whether or not you truly want to see it. 
It reminds me of how people can turn their TVs off when they just don't want to face something, because they feel so out of control about it. 

We have very little control over things these days; other people, our government, the weather, etc, but we do have control over our choices.  Which means we have the opportunity to be part of the solution.  What an incredible gift to be given.  The chance to stand up for what's right.  So my next few blogs will be a way to educate you on some VERY easy ways in which you CAN help.  I truly hope you feel empowered after reading each one, and know that you are important in this world. Every single one of you.  

Today starts with this, acceptance of the truth.  Acceptance that there is a problem, and that we can actually help.  It's a gift, to be able to help be a part of a solution, and I truly feel thankful that I can do my part, and hopefully the impact lasts for lifetimes after mine.  

PS: Tomorrow will include some thoughts from Steve, because he heavily believes environmental factors played a role in his ALS diagnosis.  So stay tuned. 

Love all of you powerful, capable, lovely human beings. <3