is this a tangible sentence?

It always seems to happen on Mondays, where I'm shuffling things around to get Steve's bath/wound care/nurse visit in, that I will have 100 words floating around my head with the inability to form any tangible sentences.  Yes even on the 4th of July Monday happenings, happen.   It's also a new moon, and my love for understanding the moons energy is excited for this one, as it's the rebirth that we've been building up to.  * So here are some words, that may or may not be actual clear thoughts. xo

Today started with some moody exchanges from Steve and I, which usually leads to a meditation cycle of me starring deeply into my shadows trying to accept them and move past them. This time however it was a total different shift I needed to be making.  Something that was totally outside of myself, even.  An acceptance of a new life, that without any words being said, has shown obvious manifestations.  

So here I sit, after meditating, and I'm saying over and over, "I'm not a victim unless I choose to be."

Hard to follow without me explaining details?  Maybe?  But here's one where I will keep the details private, because sometimes I even have to remind myself that it's okay to do that in this wildly open life we lead.  The point is, that this new reality is coming whether or not I try to stop it.  It's only going to be negative for me, IF I CHOOSE it to be.

So as I then read the insights from Mystic Mamma on the new moon it was a comforting reminder, that my life has a divine plan, and God isn't just throwing things on to me without me being capable to handle them.  It doesn't matter what you believe in, to some point you have to acknowledge the interconnections of us all. 

When one person is going through something, we ALL feel it; some just aren't aware of it.  The times we do become aware of it, is when something big happens like Orlando or Istanbul.  That feeling of life, and paying attention to how it makes us feel, is something I see more and more of us doing.  It's something I notice myself doing more of.  The more aware we are all become the more positive impact we can have.  The less we can allow circumstances make us play victims.  

I have a hope for the new moon, that seems to go with what I'm feeling, and Mystic mamma's insights.  I hope that as we all begin to feel the stir, we choose to open up to it from a place of LOVE. We stand strong, and not as victims; and we make this shift go to the positive side, instead of negative.  I have hopes for myself as well.  For me to graciously travel through the muck with love, kindness, and allowance for what's waiting for me in the clearing.  

So if this resonated with you today, then that means you're ready for the positive shift also. If I'm capable for all of this, SO ARE YOU! :) 


Love you all, happy new moon, happy 4th of July, and yes even happy Monday.