It's up to us.

With things going the way they are in the world, it's hard not to feel overcome by the negativity, but much of what I love about our beautiful world is how groups of people can come together for a common cause no matter how different they may be from one another.

See, I'm only able to be an observer in much of what is happening, since we don't leave our house for months at a time.  I don't watch the news, I don't watch much TV in fact until the evenings when I'll cuddle up with Steve for a movie, or to binge a new series with him; so I'm not getting any information from a reporter.  I have "hidden" 70% of my Facebook feed, and have cut out the "stare and scroll" from my life.  

So I suppose some of you are wondering how I stay informed on the world's happenings.  It's because in my time being here as an observer of the world, I've been able to follow closely with people on their social media platforms, and have been blessed with finding a group of like minded individuals, who have led me to sources that aren't influenced by propaganda and that simply tell the truth.  

In watching these multiple groups of communities come together and stand up for what's right, I am seeing several movements starting that completely restore my hope and faith in the world.  From the peaceful protests that have managed to be shining examples of how to come together to speak up for what you believe, to the multitude of videos/blogs/articles being made with people using their voices for love and peace, to what I recently discovered some of my favorite musicians doing an Up to us caravan, driving across the country to the DNC (Democratic National Convention) and making stops along the way to discuss with the ACTUAL people, problems in their areas.  Click the link to see if they will be in your city, and how you can get involved. 

So how does an observer like me, who doesn't have the chance to participate in all the many movements happening around the world, still stand up for what she believes in?  Here's 3 ways in which I will, and you can decide if it works for you.

1. I will no longer be part of the system.  I plan to blog about this in great detail in the future, but in simple terms, I will not support anything creating the hate, the divide, or simply that is destroying our planet (also a blog coming on this).  I will not watch news channels trying to instill fear in me, I will not go to certain websites that are creating a divide, and I will certainly NOT allow others to make my decisions or opinions for me.  Please if you're heavily being influenced by the noise happening around you, cut it off.  Start to feel your own gut and trust that you DO KNOW what is right and wrong without someone else telling you what to think.  

2.  The second will be continue to use my voice.  Look so many of us for so long, sat back afraid of not knowing the right thing to say.  I openly admit I am often a loss for words, on tough situations, but when I speak from the heart, it's always right.  My heart right now is telling me, NO more divide, NO more hatred, NO more fear, NO more brainwashing, NO more violence, MORE action, MORE peaceful demonstrations, MORE meaningful art and words, MORE prayers and meditation, AND most importantly more ENCOURAGING and LOVING ONE ANOTHER.  

3.  I WILL SHINE MY LIGHT.  I often am in question as why I can't stop the pull to share so much of our lives.  If you've followed me long enough, you know a very large part of me wants to be tucked away in my own corner, completely disconnected from it all and left with just the trees, birds, and squirrels.  The other part of me, knows that I have to shine my light.  It's not given to me to keep to myself.  So, I will continue to share us working through the struggles, the insights that come to me, the inspiration I find, the art that is literally the spirit working through me.  I'll continue to pray openly for everyone. I will continue to meditate and work on my own inner workings.  I will continue reaching out to those in my reach, and sending LOVE to everyone I've ever known, ever.  Because this little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine...

Keep it up everyone.  There may be some strong strong forces trying to divide us, but it's up to us not to allow it.  We can overcome this.  We can make a lasting change.  This is our chance, it is up to us.