Life has a funny funny way...

So I wrote 2 blogs before this one, but today didn't seem to be the right time to hit publish.  One is a bit blunt and one a bit out there.  There will be a time they will feel appropriate to share, and I will remind you when I do, that I wrote them today.

I think why they don't feel right to publish today isn't because they aren't well written, good intended words, but because I really should; or should I say, I want to follow up to yesterdays blog.  We got a large response from yesterdays blog.  Some people totally resonated with it, some people as I suspected didn't like it, loads of love came pouring in, some guilty responses, and then of course the few that had to give their "this is why you're wrong" responses.  It's almost predictable these days what sort of responses I will get from my writing; and sometimes even predictable as to who will respond.  

First I want to say, thank you.  To everyone who ever sends us a message, a comment, an email, a text, etc.  We read them all, even if we don't have the chance to respond to everyone.  We do read them.  We appreciate feedback and the dialogues people openly start with us.  

I did get one message yesterday, that I would have never expected.  I asked the person to share some of the message.  This person, who has been a public speaker for sometime (you'll never guess who it is because no one would have guessed this person ever read my words) said, "One of life's biggest lessons is learning how to love everyone.  Some people are easy to love, some are hard; but still your job is to love them all.  You just have to learn how."  

After reading those words, it stuck with me all day.  I kept thinking over and over, yes I do need to learn how to love some people.  This person is so right, there are some that I would like to say that I love them, but I don't.  Nope. Not even with an ounce of my soul.  

Suddenly as I was thinking on this, a thought came to me, "Learn to love people for who they are, not for your expectations of them"  Here I was yesterday feeling frustrated with people because of who I expected them to be instead of looking at them and loving them for who they are.  This exact kind of love, is something I thank Steve for often.  He loves me for me, not for what he thinks I should be.  

So after writing yesterdays blog, and reading and processing all of the feedback, I've concluded I have work to do.  If I'm talking about love being the answer to the worlds problems, and I want to actually be the change; it is up to me to learn how to love everyone.  

I ended up dreaming about Donald Trump last night.  I won't go political on this forum, and save that for facebook posts only; but in the dream I felt actual love for this man.  I communicated a message (that I wish I remembered) so poignant and clear and from a place of love, it shifted his thinking from fearful hate based to LOVE.  I found the dream odd, and comical.  I made him a mala for pete's sake and got him to understand the energies from certain stones!  However, the more I looked at the dream and all the thoughts I was processing last night; the more I see the message.

If you can come to people, that may see the world so differently from you, and maybe even scare you, with love; you can make a positive impact on them.  Maybe even open them up to letting some love come in.  

Now I know it's easy to always think we are right.  I mean it's a human condition,to think our way is the right way.  I do know I have A LOT to learn, and probably will always.  I will still fumble, and make mistakes, and have to learn to control my ego, etc; but if I can learn to love everyone NO MATTER how different or even negative they may appear to me, that will be enough.

Love really is the answer. <3