My mind is an untalented punk rock band...

They say the brain screams, while the heart whispers; often leaving the brain in charge of making decisions.  However, the moments when you can tune into your heart, and really allow it to do the leading, are the most connected and pure moments you'll experience.  The more you can learn to tap into that space, the louder it will become, and the quieter your mind will be.

A day in the life with my mind:
Alarm. okay, I have to get up and get stuff done. Marlowe snuggles me just as I grab my phone and turn the alarm off. Okay I can cuddle with her for a little bit.  One minute in I grab my phone and begin to check the social media world for the day.  15 minutes later, crap, what am I even looking at?I notice I've been on my phone that long, I jump up.  I begin my morning routine. What time did I schedule wound care today?  What all can I get done before Steve gets up, oh and I can't forget put the clothes in the dryer.  I forgot last night, I hope they aren't mildewed already. I walk out grabbing the yoga mat and cushion, as I roll out the mat, I remember, Oh crap the laundry.  After a quick laundry break I see a bird I want to take a video of...Oh let me feed them...oh let me get a picture of that bug...oh look at the chipmunk....20 minutes later, I'm back on the yoga mat. In downward facing dog, I notice Marlowe scratching her butt on the post, "come here Marlowe."  Poor thing needs scratched.  Crap back to yoga. A very unfocused 20 minutes later I sit on the cushion.  Okay breathe into my heart space and exhale up and out. Suddenly Marlowe starts scratching I wonder if she has fleas? I just put flea medicine on her.  It's probably the heat....It is hot. I can't believe it's record heat temps and people still doubt climate change.  Wonder if I should blog on that this morning. Chime rings, and suddenly I'm back on my breath.  How did i just let my mind go that far. Okay breathe in focus, breathe out, breathe in focus, a bird starts to chirp near me, and I allow it to keep the monkey brain at bay for the remainder of the practice.  As I'm brewing my coffee I try to tidy up the kitchen, starting the dishes, oh let me check the laundry, change laundry, back to dishes, oh I forgot to open that box I got in the mail yesterday, open box, discover medical supplies, unpack them, back to kitchen, oh yeah the dishes.  Oh well coffee's ready I'll get back to those.  Sitting down starring at the black screen, suddenly I have no words.  I open my journal, hoping I had a good thought yesterday that will spark a blog, oh let me check my daily reading book, oh.... Steve's alarm rings. Damnit. "What are you doing awake already?" 

A day in the life of my heart:
Alarm. Get out of bed and turn off alarm, see Marlowe curled up in the bed, putting the phone back on the table, curling with Marlowe.  This dog just fuels me, feel her sending me love.  She seriously was the best gift anyone's ever given me. Thanks Steve. Pause and get up and look at Steve.  Studying his peaceful face and smiling at the little drops of droll in the corners of his mouth. I love seeing him comfortable. Get up and do my morning routine. Okay my face is not what determines my beauty, hey skin you'll clear up soon, I'm giving you all kinds of nourishment.   Spitting out the coconut oil in garbage from oil pulling, I then clean up the bathroom after a few days of not tidying up after routines.  Grabbing a pile of laundry and the 3 glasses of half drank water by the bed I make my way to the kitchen.  Just dropping things off, and grabbing the yoga mat I make my way outside. It feels so good out here, and listen to those birds.  Throwing out my mat to unroll starts the breath pattern immediately.  It flows and with each exhale I begin to loosen up the tight morning muscles. Separate my toes and hold it for 5 full breaths.  Feeling invigorated I sit on the cushion sinking into it, like I just sat on a raft in the water.  The rhythm of the breath opens the heart more, silencing the mind.  The bell rings, wow that was a fast 15 minutes, Namaste. Brewing coffee, I start the laundry, and then do the dishes. I should blog on Steve's wound today. Sitting down in front of the computer letting the words flow.  Finishing up, and jotting some thoughts for tomorrow in my journal, and Steve's alarm rings.  "Good morning boopy!  How are you this morning?  You look handsome." 

Two very different days that are very true to real life, that highly depend on where I'm living my day from.  The reason I wake up so early is to work to get to a place of the heart before Steve wakes up. Thankfully most days I get there, but I still show up everyday, because there's those days where the mind is having a full blown terrible punk rock concert, overshadowing everything in it's path, and it takes practice to stop it.