Raise the vibration, please.

We interrupt this scheduled climate change blog, for yet again a discussion on the violence in our world.  For those of you who follow my blog closely, you know Steve and I prepared you a blog for today, but after waking up to news of 84 people being killed in France; I must write on this.

I want to acknowledge the sadness I feel about the fact that I am writing another blog on the loss of innocent lives.  It's heartbreaking and no matter where it's happening; I'm feeling it.  I also am holding on to the hope, that all of this is really an awakening that will be tumultuous at first, but ultimately lead to more peace and love winning.  

This isn't just a blog on hope, it's a blog on action.  I've seen several different people attempt to start this, with little traction; but to me it's a huge thing that EVERYONE can do.  I know a lot of you out there want to be doing something, anything, that can be helping find our world some peace.

It's time to raise our vibration as a whole.  For those of you who have no idea what I mean, I'll explain in simple terms.  Everything is energy, and we are all vibrating energy.  Think of someone you meet, and they are full of anger and hate, does it feel very fun to be around them?  Are their vibes bringing you down or raising you up?  I can tell you the 100's of times I felt other people's negative energy and had to either remove them from my life or raise my vibration enough to be unaffected by them.  This is the vibration our world is full of right now, hate, anger, fear, sadness; low low low vibrations.  Then imagine yourself around someone who is full of love and joy and seeks to see the positive things.  Now think about how they make you feel,  They lift you up right?  Their vibes bring you up to their level and continue to build you up.  That's what we need more of in this world right now.

So how do we do it?  There's a few ways in which I have learned to raise my vibrations, and I would like to share, and then encourage you all to find a way to do this for yourself EVERY SINGLE DAY. Don't let the word vibration put you off, it's simple physics and no it doesn't go against the bible (as yes I know some of you are thinking it) so hear me out.  

3 simple steps. :)

First way is meditation.  Meditation is honestly something I think everyone could benefit from.  It seems so daunting to some people or too spiritual for others.  Let me tell you, that learning to find that space that comes in silent breath work is the most powerful thing I've ever done for myself.  You don't have to try to meditate for hours, even 5 minutes of sitting in silence and focusing on the breath is enough.  If you've never meditated there are some great apps (insight timer app is a favorite) and guided meditations (David Jii is a favorite) out there, even some mandala meditations that Steve and I recently have found ourselves falling in love with.  But you don't need any of that, or a fancy cushion, sacred space, incense, or anything.  You just need to be truly aware of your being in this moment and just breathe.  Sometimes the thought of silence is daunting to others, so even if you need a mantra (a phrase you say repeatedly with your breath) that's okay too.  I often use mantra's. For example one of my favorites is to breathe in, "I Am love," and to breathe out, "I give love."  

Second is prayer.  Now I know the word pray, has such a loaded meaning to some and others it's like breathing right.  To me, there's no wrong or right way to pray, no matter who it is you're praying to. It doesn't matter what "God" you pray to, and please don't come at me with anything negative in response to that.  Everyone is entitled to believe in whomever and whatever they please.  I want this message to be so widely spread that everyone feels okay to say a prayer.  The results are the same, you are asking "God" whatever that may be to you, to help.  Although, my favorite prayers are often to give thanks.  When I offer a simple prayer of gratitude daily, I find myself more and more aware of the blessings life offers, even in the darkness.  

Third is a big one.  Show kindness to EVERYONE you come in contact with.  Smile at people as you walk past them.  You know the power of a smile?  One day during a very dark time with Steve, he was in the hospital and I had decided to go to whole foods.  I was feeling very low, and a woman who could probably read the energy smiled at me and said, "I hope this smile fills you up," and walked away.  It did fill me up that day, and it changed my energy with one simple act.  There's hundreds of ways to show kindness: carry groceries, hold the door, say hello, pick up trash you see on the ground (kindness to the planet counts big time here), buy someone lunch, pay for the person behind you's coffee, compliment someone, listen to someone having a hard time, donate to someones cause today, surprise someone with a gift, etc.  Kindness is easy and EVERYONE can do it.  

Let's do our part and collectively raise our vibration and drive out this darkness.  Because remember "Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that," isn't just an amazing quote from the great Martin Luther King Jr; it's the truth.  A vibration of LOVE is what we desperately need.

I already meditate, pray, and try to show kindness daily; but I intend to increase all with a large focus on love and peace.  Because from where I sit, it's how I see everyone being able to participate in the change.  

Will you please join me?