the space between

I have so much excitement for a weekend with my momma, and after some loving visits yesterday I am feeling reconnected with both feet on the ground.  I wanted to do a small follow up to yesterdays blog, and let y'all know I will be taking the weekend off.  I'll be back Monday. 

I know it's no surprise that a message prompted this blog, and I remind you not to be afraid to send me feedback even though I love writing about it. :)  That's what life is all about though, giving one another constructive feedback and continuing to help each other grow and move forward.  

This lovely message I received was a nice reminder of how important the space between is.  How many Dave Matthews fans are now singing?  Insert music note emoji.  Okay...I digress.

The space between.  What is that exactly?  According to Dave it's the space between tears, that has moments of laughter, that keeps you coming back for more.  For me yesterday, it was the space between feeling the heavy emotions of the chaos in the world, and realizing Steve's wound had gone backwards.  The space between is important, and without this lovely reminder I might have actually forgotten that.

I don't enjoy disconnecting as a coping mechanism, but sometimes it's all I can do.  It's all any of us can do, and it's okay to have a few days there.  I want to add to yesterday's by adding this. It is okay to have the space in between where you collect yourself, your emotions, and your energy to continue to be present and mindful in all areas of life.  

What I was mostly referring to was the thousands of those who live there all the time.  We all know at least one person who does this.  Without naming any names think of someone you know that is in a constant state of disconnect.  Now on the flip side, how about those who never take the time to disconnect.  Two different types of people both forgetting to allow the space between.  

I read a beautiful article yesterday on how we are sent to awaken one another, in a world of sleeping minds; and I love this concept. Recall a moment where you had a conversation with someone and with a simple sentence they may have planted a seed that fully blossoms, and forces growth inside of you.  These moments are profound and have a lasting positive effect on your life. I want to recognize that it's just as important for us to remind one another to take pauses and enjoy the blank space between as well. 

In a mad world, it's really all we can do, is help each other through it all.  I would like to encourage everyone reading this to give some encouragement or feedback today.  It will probably take you 5 minutes, and those 5 minutes can vastly improve upon someone's life for years.  What a beautiful gift we all have to give to others.  I know every single message I receive from you all has a lasting effect on me, and I'm forever grateful for them. 

Quick update on Steve: As you've read in several blogs and posts we've been dealing with a pressure sore on his booty since April.  While, we have greatly improved we recently had an unexpected set back.  It was slightly discouraging, but also I'm reminded of how blessed we are that he still has the ability to heal.  I'm happy to announce as of yesterday we are back headed in the right direction of healing.  Nothing's taught me more patience than this sore, in my lifetime; so I am strongly focusing on the lesson and the positives here.  Thank you all for praying for us, sending good energy and love, thinking of us, and constantly supporting us in a multitude of ways.  You all greatly improve our lives!