Walk your talk...

I need to give some credit to this book I've been reading daily, Earth Medicine, by Jamie Sams.  I do daily readings, and then sometimes just pick it up and open to a page to see what message I get. Since starting this book I've taken loads of inspiration from it to write in the blog.  

A part of today's reading: "Walk your talk, don't talk your walk!!"

Wow.  I sat staring at these words for a few minutes, as I drank my coffee, and reflected on how many times I'm talking the walk, but not walking the talk. It reminded me of a conversation I was having with a new teacher that was recently introduced to me; about how you can read all of these books, and fill your head with all this knowledge, but unless you actually apply it to your life it's sort of useless, right?

How many times I speak out about loving everyone, and I then turn around and judge someone.  I talk about how to stay focused, and then I turn around and scroll on my phone for 15 minutes.  I know I'm not alone here.  It takes work to show up daily and walk your talk.  It takes constant self reflection to assure you're living a congruent life.  It also takes loads of love for yourself.  

Because we aren't perfect and it's easy to give up when we've made a mistake, right?  Oh what's the use, I messed up ALREADY!?  I know I've said that a time or two, but there is a use.  It may take you 4 or 5 tries but when it sticks you will see just how capable you really are to live that life you want.  

Today I'm going to spend some time reflecting on all the ways in which I need to walk my talk, instead of talk my walk.  I will be gentle but honest with myself, and then I will start the work to walking tall in my talk.  Because that's what life is about.