Messy Flowy Truths

I'm sure most of you reading this, know by now how much time we spend at home.  This past year I've been blessed with these waves of inspiration to tackle parts of the house and totally revamp them. It's sort of blissful when I'm in the wave and for some time after.  Then I rest, reset, make some money for the next transformation (right), & move to the next space. 

I've learned a deeply meaningful lesson in creating a bunch of sacred spaces in every inch of our house.  It's that what you surround yourself with matters.  Very much so.  I've always been messy, and embraced it.  I make messy art, messy weavings, I have messy hair, messy style, messy, messy, messy.  I believe in embracing the imperfections of messy living.  However, there is something to that feeling of being surrounded by too much mess. My free flowing messy ways in this chaotic house day in and day out, began to transform into hot mess.

If you've spent anytime with me in the last 5 years, you will have heard me describe myself, our life, our house, everything as a hot mess.  Well, in an effort to loose the hot mess, I hear by solemnly swear that yesterday will be the last time I refer to myself as that.  Well, at least I solemnly swear that I'll try. ;)  

I've been living in a sort of self fulfilling prophecy with myself, and the more I awaken to the truth, the more I get these waves to make our spaces true to us, but not chaotic.  Life will always be a mess because that's what life is, but it's a beautiful mess much like I've learned to turn my art into, and not a chaotic mess. 

As I learn the balance of adult responsibility, care giving, self care, and fun, and the art of tidying up (the book really does inspire some serious action I recommend it) I have learned that life is truly your surroundings.  Between the people, decorations, clutter, excess, balance, music, food, TV, books, etc. What you ingest on a daily basis, whether it be plain white walls or inspired, meaningful art covered walls, or it be, fast food for meals or real food cooked infused with love, whether it's relationships that nurture or drain you; you will see how much these outside factors are shaping your life. 

Take control.  If you are feeling uninspired, or overwhelmed, or in a state of hot mess express; take a look at your surroundings.  What are you ingesting?  Look I consider it a blessing that I'm able to write a blog like this.  Our eyes are being opened up to the extreme poverty and suffering happening around the world.  It's a blessing I even have a home to be revamping.  It may have it's many old home problems, but it keeps Steve and I safe and healthy.  I'm so thankful and for that reason I'm also very conscious of my impact when revamping my spaces.  Everything you could want already exists, plus the character and charm of antique pieces are so much more meaningful than some mass produced woopty doo made in some factory somewhere, that you see in thousands of other homes probably with the same vase and floral arrangement.  Also, if you're going to get rid of something donate, or sit it in your garage for years and years until you finally get around to donating it. *cough, not calling myself out or anything. ;) 

Choose your surroundings, and be mindful about the impact your every choice makes.  That's been my biggest lesson to a life that feels balanced, meaningful, and happy.  People are always asking why I'm so happy?  Here's just 1 of the many reasons.  That, along with, I'm healthy, able bodied, I have a voice, I can breathe on my own, I have food to eat today, oh and tomorrow, I have electricity, I am growing food, people care about me, flowers exist, so do dogs, birds, squirrels, Steve, Steve, Steve, get the point.