Guided by Nature

Sitting feeling the chill on my legs, and the wind blow through my hair, with peaks of sunlight squeezing through the trees.   Mosquito's reminding me that it's not quite autumn, but the smell of leaves in the air are screaming, "Home girl, hang tight, I'm coming." 

The nature surrounding me has become my best friend, much like it did as a child.  Guiding me through the many changes in life, teaching me to flow with the season change and utilize there energies.  So with the promise of autumn, I feel an ease of releasing things that are no longer serving me to make space for that new growth this spring.  

So in an effort to open people up to some self reflection for what they need to release I will share one of mine with you all.  Because, autumn is coming y'all! *Insert excited face* The thing of all things, that I'm learning to release is, me getting out of my own way.  I am more clever than you probably have ever seen of me; because instead of using my time properly, I find 101 excuses why I should just go with whatever the day brings me, instead of a routine/planned day. 

Learning more of my inner workings has helped me understand ways in which my wild works for me in amazing ways, and ways in which it doesn't at all. The ways it works are obvious, the ways it doesn't aren't, so let me state it; my rebellion for structure & routine.  I spoke yesterday on having to learn to establish realistic routines because I will use every excuse there is on this entire planet, not to stick to one.  

So around here there is no "Same thing we do everyday..." skit happening, because there is not same everyday.  Of course, when it comes to Steve I have routines with him, and I promise you as important as it is to stick to it with him, we both resist it.  Two wild seeds planted in one wild life together, is a lot of fun, and we grow, stretch, and really experience every moment; but it's not always the most productive of environments.

Let me preface this with; no we will not be turning into productive robots that pump out items like an assembly line.  It doesn't matter how many special powers the two of us may have, that isn't in the realm of possible with the two of us.  However, a little less resisting of some structure to allow for a little more follow through come spring, is my main dying leaf for autumn.  

So with each leaf that falls, it symbolizes my release for resisting the most fundamental ingredients to me reaching my highest potential; ritual, routines, follow through, and maintaining.  Thank you nature for always pushing me forward.  There's a reason once you find the connection with the earth and her ways, you will defend her with every ounce of energy you have.  I hope you all find this connection in your lifetime.