Happy clouds

Flow state: A moment filled with that special energy of getting so much done with little effort (being in the zone), much like I imagine it looked like when God made clouds, or how it does look when Bob Ross paints them.

I, like most who experience a flow state, want to have the flow as much as possible, and I pursue it in ways to try to create the energy every day.  Because we are humans the flow state doesn't come to us everyday, even if we try all of our rituals, tricks, & routines. What trips me up is, having so many thoughts and ideas in my head that I just want to do them all, that even if I'm going against that current, damnit I still want to accomplish my tasks.

Recently I discovered that on days where the flow isn't there and I'm trudging against the current to get things done, I'm frustrated, anxious, and exhausted. I don't know why it actually took me this long to understand the frustrated periods. Watching Steve champion through the last 5 years, I've learned 3 important things from him (really 300,000 but there's no room for all of that), 1. Take advantage of the good days. 2. Live and enjoy every moment, even if it's not what you wanted that day, you take it and make the very damn best of it. 3. Really there's so many more important things in life, than to worry about taking a day off here and there.

Here's where I caution people, please do not tell me the cliche, "Slow down, you have time."

No I don't.  Neither do you.  Stop telling everyone we have time.  We don't.

If we did I wouldn't wake up praying that I get another day with Steve every single day, innocent people wouldn't get murdered, the earth wouldn't be rapidly warming up while people stand around acting like they can't do a damn thing about it.

We don't have time.  So naturally I don't want to waste it, but having the discernment to know how to take the ebs and flows and truly live in whatever moment life is presenting fully and openly, and making the best of them, adds some hours-days-weeks to the clock.

So what we have is choice to use our time wisely.  Not time. Choice to pursue the flow, accept the changing winds, and to really show up everyday no matter what it presents you with.