Weaving the pieces

A year ago, I found a folder of items I had tucked away in a back of a closet while pulling out my winter clothes.  I dropped the folder, and pages from the 1970s scattered across the guest bedroom's floor.  As I picked them up, I see the words, 'wheat weaving' boldly across a paper.


Realizing it was my grandmother's clippings of inspiration as she did wheat weaving, I decided then and there, I was finally going to learn to weave.  

I walk into our bedroom, with my eager face that Steve's so familiar with.  "Babe, I'm going to learn to weave!" I exclaim!

He starts typing on the tobii, as I flip through the pages that my grandma saved as inspiration. 

"Okay what do you need?" The tobii belts out, Steve used to my many ideas by now.  

"A loom!" I jump up with phone in hand, so we can immediately search and find one. 

I knew once I learned the ropes, I wanted to honor my grandmother in my weaving's, so to draw inspiration, In my weaving nook in the house, there's my favorite photo of her hanging, with the folder tucked away near by.

 Days I need inspiration I'll pull the folder out and read trough the clippings of inspirations she had.  It never fails that I'm inspired, and I'll find a new dried earth offerings to add to the many creations. 

I didn't always  express my gratitude towards my grandmother, as she passed away when I was 21.  Often times I have little chats with her, telling her how much she did indeed influence my life is amazing ways.  I can feel her energy in every weaving I make.  That along with the meditative state I'm in while I create these pieces makes each one special and unique.