Happy THANKSvember

Happy November, or as a professor 11 years ago, introduced me to, Happy THANKSvember. :)

For 11 years now I have done my best to offer some gratitude for at least one thing a day for this entire month.  The past few years I've attempted to have a gratitude hour everyday, no matter what month it is, and I have to tell you, on days where I actually pause for some appreciation, are days where I feel happier.

There's been a shift happening this year, and if you're tuned in, I'm sure you've felt it.  I would like to consider it an awakening of sorts.  We are being revealed many truths about our world, some great awe-inspiring, and some disheartening truths.  Either way, I have found in this awakening that it is those who have any ritual, who have been able to ride the wave to the paradise island vs those who don't and remain stuck in the same place.

If you don't have any daily rituals yet, maybe one to consider would be, a pause for gratitude. You can do this in 10 seconds, seriously; so the excuse of I'm too busy, doesn't apply here.  It's simple, all you do is pause and say silently, out loud, a status, a prayer, a journal entry; whatever you want here, and say what you are thankful for that day. 

I'm here to tell you, that those in the toughest situations still find something to be thankful for everyday, and if they can; so can you.  When I said Happy Thanksvember to Steve today, with tears left over from his morning's clean up, he typed, "I'm thankful for this bed, and that I can lay comfortably with the doors open enjoying the birds and squirrels and this awesome weather." 

I plan to write a blog titled, "Be like Steve," this week, because truthfully I live by the motto in almost all areas of my life.  This is one small example, even after experiencing discomfort and pain, he finds the light in this life.  I'll leave you with one final truth, to sum this whole blog up.  The truth is, the light is ALWAYS there, if you CHOOSE to find it.  It's your choice.