Because "Are you F*ing kidding me," isn't punchy enough.

I have found there are only 3 responses that people can give me when I talk about our planet, climate change, pipelines, chemicals, etc.

 1. People love me for it. (Ya'all are my favorite :))

2. The 'Climate change would happen anyways, it has nothing to do with us,' people. (In my mind I hear, "eh taking care of the planet is too much work, too late to worry now.")

3. It's God's plan, do you know better than God? (Sigh.)

For months, I've been thinking of this blog, but all the words that could come to my mind would be, "Are you F*ing kidding me?" Except I really use the F word, which despite it being Steve's & my favorite word, it might give my momma a heart attack; so clearly, I had to work through my emotions to write something Mom friendly & really something worth reading at all. 

I struggled with words, until yesterday; It just came to me.  I've tried to edit to make this so punch worthy it sets everyone in their place, but truth is, the response isn't even for them. Those that don't believe it's important to take care of our planet sure as hell won't change their minds because of me.  It will sadly take someone close to them being struck with an illness due to chemical exposure, or a natural disaster to wake them up.

So for my benefit and those who care: 

When I drink my coffee in the mornings, I'm often struck with that overwhelming feeling of privilege.  Do you know how many people go without clean water in our world?  Would it be more punchy if I had some statistic, that let's be honest probably doesn't include everyone? Sure, maybe it would, but to me the fact that ANYONE has to go without clean water, without food because they have no water or resources to even grow their own, without clean air, because our consumerism is polluting our air; is enough for me to think we need to change.  I have found that unless people are directly impacted by something, they don't give it a second thought.  I'm not trying to sound judgmental here, while maybe I am judging; because I can't understand that separation.

This is where I then struggle, when people suggest it's God's plan.  Look I understand there is a certain peace and beauty to accepting what life brings you, no matter what it is.  I understand that I myself can't fix all these problems for everyone else, and for them to consume so much of my thoughts seems silly to some.  However, something else I understand clearer than the water pouring from my faucet is this; I don't have passions lighting my soul in vein.  God wouldn't put something on my heart, if there wasn't something that could be done.  I often think to myself one day I'm going to meet God and he's going to say, "So often I wanted to come down and tell humans, 'Hey, that's not what I meant, that way you interpreted that quote.'"

There's no way God would have it in his way that we have become so disrespectful of our planet.  The way you treat the Earth you live on is a direct reflection on how you treat others and yourself.  Don't believe me?  While I was at the hospital this last trip, I observed someone in the parking lot, that was visiting family I assume, throw their garbage out of their car window.  After they were out of sight I went to pick up the garbage, and made a mental note of that person.  Two days later I saw them waiting for the elevator; and as it came this person pushed past myself and an older lady to get on first, because of course the behaviors matched.  Sure this is one example, but if you pay close attention the line of respect is very thin. 

The reason I care about this started when I was a young girl, and I'm currently writing this part of my story for my book, so I will save the details; but reading scientific proof that illnesses like ALS CAN be linked to pesticides and other chemicals, just sealed it in for me. This is one of my life's purposes is to try to remind people; we can do better.  This isn't going against God's will, and it's certainly not accepting that it would have happened anyways.  If you actually looked at the facts being presented by true scientist and not just politicians bought out by the fossil fuel industry; you could really see how much damage we have done.

Truth is, that we are in a small window where we CAN actually do something.  So many people look at the issue and throw their hands up.  It's another example of why I need to put together my "be like Steve" blog.  To draw a comparison: For those of you who feel like the damage is too far, and there's nothing we can do; that would be like Steve saying, ALS has done too much I can't go on.

Does he say that? NEVER.  Not even in his worst moments.  If he can dig deep for this life, why can't we all do at least one thing to make it better for EVERYONE?  We are all capable of making a change, and I hope that alone helps empower you to be a part of the shift towards the positive.  I'll leave it at this; if knowing you can make a difference, doesn't motivate you to do so, then I don't know what to say to you.