With the falling of the leaves...

Sitting at my writing nook inside today, I look out at the crisp fall and can feel the chill as I watch the wind blow leaves to the ground.  With each crispy leaf, I see the branches that were once weighed down with overgrowth of green, raising towards the sky.  

The trees showing no signs of mourning the loss of their leaves, they appear more upright and sure of themselves.  Again allowing nature to be my muse; through observing the ways the trees, birds, squirrels, and flowers respond to what they are faced with each day, truly inspires my way of being.

This fall I've been reflecting on what I need to let go, like the trees.  This morning as I was watching the leaves blow in the wind I was able to see clearly.  I want to let go of the thought that I'm too much or too little of something to be who I want to be.  

Yesterday was a pivotal moment for me, I finally decided to hire someone to help me with some paperwork, insurance, administration, stuff I let pile up on me, stuff...

Several people had suggested to Steve and I that I need an assistant for a few hours a week to help with that stuff, but my stubborn self thought I could do it all; until I had mounds of excess admin stuff falling on me to finally accept that I needed the help.

Finally the realization that I needed to let go of the feeling that I have to do EVERYTHING will allow me to do the things I do the best that I can.  Admitting I need help, and finally accepting it, without it making me feel like I'm not enough.  That's my lesson for the fall.  As I am preparing to meet with my friend who will be my assistant, I'm excited.  I feel the same as the trees, and find myself rooting down and standing more upright.  

What are you releasing this fall?  Please share in the comments! :)