My clear insight is reflected in my outer sight.

"My clear insight is reflected in my outer sight."  This is my mantra for the time being.  

Clarity in the world, is greatly dependent upon what eyes you are seeing the world through. Often, we don't realize how much we are shaping our realities.  We assume the world is just happening around us; but really our perceptions of what's happening and then our reactions really do shape a lot of our reality.

I don't think it's until this kind of understanding of life happens, do we even sit and think; "Wow I made that be what it is," about a lot of significant things in our lives.  Once you adopt this understanding of life, you will see almost every situation differently than before.  

I don't know how other people choose to utilize this kind of information, but for me now I find myself sitting in meditation, suddenly seeing something clearly.  It's a large part of the reason I have such a consistent mediation practice, is because not only does it help ground me, and teach me to find my still space; but it reveals me to myself.  

If I'm looking at a situation with truth, I will see it differently than with resentment.  If I see something with love vs hate, it can change the course of my entire life.  Nothing made this clearer, than observing how I respond to Steve.  On days where I looked at Steve with anything other than love (impatience, anger, resentment, bitterness; yes these all exist in my world), then I would see Steve not respecting my time, and then I would say something smart to him, while helping him; thus making him feel more of a burden on life, and often yes it would make him feel sick that day. 

Now I suppose to some of you this sounds ego driven to believe I have that kind of power over Steve's life, but if you have ever witnessed our world first hand and not just via a blog or social media; you will agree.  So I make it my life's mission everyday to see Steve out of a place of love.  Obviously I'm human, and I still make mistakes, but those mistakes offer lessons to lessen the frequency of mistakes; since being mindful of this process.  

My clear insight is reflected in my outer sight.